We have discussed often the great assistance we can find on fashion blogs for our own wardrobes!  Here are the things I keep in mind when deciding if an inspiration look works for me!

1. Do I have all of the pieces in my current wardrobe?
2. Does it communicate the messages I desire to be communicated with my style?
3. Does it fit into my normal lifestyle? 
Finding inspiration on the blogs is so much fun and really works!  Some of my best outfits came from something I saw on a blog or in a magazine.  But, it must be wearable for me.  I do not like to pull an outfit together just for a picture…I want to go some place and wear it!

The other day, on THAT’S NOT MY AGE I saw the above picture of director, Sue Bourne.  I asked my questions and wore this look:

If you are feeling a little bored with your wardrobe, spend some time today blog surfing…there are  great, easy styles to be found!

Have a Fabulous Friday!!!

Tahari Knit Blouse: Marshalls
Fabulous Crystal Necklace: Allie Coosh

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