Taking Care of Number 1… and Favorite Things Blog Hop!

What better way, to begin a new year than with a decision to take care of YOU!  Beginning today, every Thursday, I will bring you tips and stories of other women who have decided to put themselves on the priority list!

So many women, especially moms and retirees, tend to stop caring for themselves. There are many reasons for this..and it often results in a deep pit of despondency.
It is just a fact, when we take care of ourselves inside and out, we are more confident and strong. Ready to tackle anything! I have experienced it first hand…after a wake up call.

Many of you know I am a journalism teacher and journalist.  I read news constantly.  There were several articles this past year about the rise of women in depression…women alcoholics…women on anti-depressants…and Baby Boomers who are choosing to take there own lives.  Here are a few of those articles, CNN on Women and AlcoholNY Times on Anti=DepressantsNY TImes on Suicides Rise for Middle Age Americans.

But, I learned at age 50, it is never too late to turn things around and begin to care for yourself…then you can actually do more for your family, career, and others around you.  So, on Thursdays I will tell you how I did it! Of course, I continue to be a work in progress!

  I hope to create a new army of women encouraging other women to come out of despondency and enjoy life again!!  Confidence is attractive on all levels and it is not expensive or prideful!  But, there are ways to energize your life and set a new course to change some of the grim statistics hovering over women today.

Please join me in holding up your own I MATTER sign.  

Have a fabulous Thursday and make sure you join us and visit the amazing bloggers of Katie’s Favorite Things Blog Hop!

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  1. Great idea. In fact I just decided this morning that I am not going to run myself ragged for everyone else this year. Love your header by the way! Have a great year x

  2. You are so right, I have to make a conscience effort to keep
    myself from falling into depression. It is so empowering to realize
    that we actually can feel confident and that we matter.
    Happy New Year to you and your family.

  3. You are a doll. I love this idea. You and I seem to want to give a similar message to our readers. Kindred spirits. You are inspirational to so many. I see a book in your future! Happy 2014, Pam. xo

  4. You make some excellent points … the first one being it's *never* too late to start taking care of one's self! Great post — Happy New Year!! 🙂

  5. I can't wait to get weekly inspirations from you! After years of putting others first, it's hard to put ourselves first! Thanks for the upbeat message, see you next week!

  6. It's great that you are bringing greater awareness to the problems some mature women face. Aging ends up coming down harder on women for a variety of reasons (as a group, they tend to outlive their spouses, they tend to have erratic employement histories because of caregiving, which means less money for retirement, because they outlive men, they end up accruing more chronic diseases on average–since men over 65 are usually younger on average). I have seen many women give up at 50 when there is more they can do to reinvent themselves. Thanks for projecting so much energy, hope and positivity.

  7. This is a phenomenon I see all too often in my colleagues in the nursing and medical professions. You can only really begin to take care of others properly when you first find enough self love to do the same to yourself.

  8. Thank you for stopping by Living and Learning With Our New Normal! I'm an over 50 who feels like 80! I look forward to reading your tips and learning from you! I invite you to share with us over at my Friendship Friday Link up every week!

  9. What I like especially is that instead of preaching for us to affirm ourselves and the women around us – you model the attitudes and behaviors that will be beneficial as we continue to embrace life after 50, and 60 and…on down the road. Thank you!

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