Bridal Shower Fun: From Decorations to Shoes!

Such a busy weekend!  Hope all of you are well! Yesterday I was one of the co-hostesses for a special bridal shower.  I thought you might enjoy the decor and to see what women of a certain age wore!!

Everything was lovely and it was so much fun to see people I have not seen in a long time!

We went for a hearts and flowers theme…since it was the day after Valentine’s Day!

I fell in love with this necklace which was purchased at GRUENE WITH ENVY in Gruene,TX!!

The bride-to-be was stunning in a new blouse from Anthropologie and of course, a bright beautiful smile!!

The salted chocolate mini-cupcakes were a huge hit from Saweet Cupcakes!

So much fun…a great celebration!  Join me later this evening for a Rodeo look…it is rodeo time in San Antonio.  Please make sure you enter the J.Jill giveaway…just click on picture at top of the sidebar!

Have a joyous Sunday, everyone!!


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