Western Wear at Rodeo Time…

Howdy from Texas!  It is once again time for one of the most successful rodeos in the whole country, The San Antonio Livestock Show and Rodeo!

As I have written before, I have been raised from birth attending rodeos and it is a comfortable arena for me!  So much heritage from this state I love!!

We wear western attire all year long, but for rodeo, we pull out the best!  Recently I told you I spent a long time shopping for wedding gifts, and while they were getting wrapped, I went across the parking lot to Nordstrom Rack.  That is where I found this fun cardigan for just $25.  

Turquoise Bracelet:  Christmas Gift from Mr. B
Skinny Jeans:  INC. at Macys
Boots: ROSS
I know I will wear this often in and out of rodeo season!  What is happening in your area that’s fun??  
Have a wonderful Monday and make sure to enter the J.Jill Giveaway at the top of the sidebar! There are so many touching stories in the comments about best friends!



  1. Hi Pam!

    How are you doing? Looking good in that cardigan
    We have a rodeo too in Quebec! It's called St-Tite's Rodeo ( i know! hahaha! but it's the name of the town) – Anyway it's huge and popular event in the summer

    Take care


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