First Birthday Party: Gone Fishing!

You can guess now that my big party was my grandson’s first birthday and my daughter put on quite an extravaganza with a “gone fishing” theme.  It was so cute and a good time had by all!

She found the party signage and ideas and bought from LAUREN HADDOX DESIGNS ON ETSY!  

White Chinese lanterns were painted to look like bobbers, and hung from the lights.

The menu included goldfish, swedish fish and gummy worms…as well as cupcakes from San Antonio’s number one bakery, BIRD BAKERY!

She made a fishing hole in the backyard with a tire and sticks for poles.  The kids caught fish with magnets which told them what prizes they received from toys to hitting a parents’ head with cascarones! 

The photo area included a sheet on the wall with a fisherman’s net over it.  Guests could dress in funny hats, fishing boots, fishing vests, etc. and pose for pictures….really cute!

There were fish coloring books for added activities and the birthday boy seemed to have a great time despite lots of sugar and no nap!

The cookies at the top were the party favors!!  So cute….

This tent photo was taken by BECCA, THE PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER hired to commemorate the event!  Great photos…highly recommended…she also did our son’s engagement photos!

 We are so proud of our cutie…he is growing up fast!!

Happy Sunday, everyone…see you later with a special introduction for Visible Monday!!


  1. Pam,
    You and your family are so blessed with "Luke". A handsome and precious gift from God.
    Congratulations! Grandma! or Nana! or whatever he wants to call you! HA!
    What a creative party for a little one…… I could feel the fun just looking at the pictures!
    Judith Presgrove

  2. Has it been a full year already?? This little guy is such a cutie. He looks thrilled with his fantastic theme party. How fun! Now I know why you were so excited Pam.
    Happy times!
    xx, Heather

  3. He is adorable and looks like he had a great time. Your daughter did a wonderful job with the theme and decorations. Grandchildren are so much fun!

  4. He is the cutest ever and your daughter did an amazing job with the decorations. You can see a lot of time and love went into planning the party! LOVE it! 🙂

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