Party Preparations Begin With Happy Toes!

I have a very special event today…more about that later!  So, I decided to begin preparations with a relaxing pedicure!!  I will probably be on my feet most of the day, so they should be happy ones.

The color?  OPI Dutch Tulips….just so I think about spring to come….

Have a wonderful Saturday…and hopefully, I will have party pictures tomorrow!


  1. I came by on a whim because I loved the title of your blog. Now I'm here I'll keep coming by. Keep tiptoeing through life with those toes gurl. I am now a new follower.

    Love from Lisa @ Girl at the Beach

  2. Enjoy your party! I SO need a pedicure and with the spring weather around here today, I'm inspired to get a cute shade of polish like yours and actually get one. Out of the boots and into actual shoes!! Love that color and happy partying.
    xo ~kim & chloe @

  3. Pam, Been meaning to visit and say thanks for adding me to your blogroll. I just noticed! I will do the same today. Really enjoyed reading your post about why I blog! Also, the post about mattering! That was very inspiring. I am trying to change my habits and exercise more, eat better and I agree about not letting anything hold you back from making that a priority!
    Hope you had fun getting a pedicure and enjoy your party. Happy weekend!

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