How I Wear My Pink…the Little That I Wear It!

When JILL and ADRIENNE told me the monthly HOW I WEAR MY collaboration was PINK…I was less than thrilled. Ok…I will be more positive and say…I was tickled PINK!

I am not really a fan. Yet, with that said, I do love this cardigan from CHICOS and this fabulous scarf sent to me by over 50, fashion designer Camilla Olson.  I also do like to pair pink with gray.  So, I will keep my options open when it comes to PINK!  Maybe I will pick up this fun Milly top at Nordstrom… I really like it…so maybe pink isn’t so bad.

You can see the front and back HERE!!

Except for one other tee shirt, this cardigan is my collection of PINK. For more fun pink styles, just go HERE and HERE.

Have a wonderful Wednesday…please join me tomorrow for I Matter…and the Thursday Blog Hop!


  1. These colors are outstanding together! Must remember this combination, inspired choices. Lovely outfit Pam, you look comfortable and chic.

    blue hue wonderland

  2. Why didn't I see that cardigan at Chico's last week, I love it! Also the Milly top I have a ruddy complexion and pink isn't my best color, but these are very very cute and I'll have to check them out.

  3. Pam, the Pink theme left me out of the "How I Wear My…" sharing this month. Autumns just don't need to be seen in pink so I there's nothing in my closet. I do like the cardigan though and the scarf near your face makes it wearable for you. Nice look!

  4. I am so glad you joined us for "How I Wear My: Pink," even if it's not your favorite color! I also LOVE that you chose a very pale shade of pink. So many of the pictures we received featured items that were hot pink or dark pink, so you stood out in the best way possible! XO, Jill

  5. I love the combination especially the pink with the gray top. I would have never tried to put them together. Great outfit. Thanks for sharing

  6. As a redhead, I have never worn much pink. I always thought it made my face look like I am blushing. My daughter, also a redhead, wears pink in deep, saturated tones…raspberry and even magenta…and it suits her. Ah, youth. After reading your post I might have to try a touch or two. Life is too short to not try something new, right?

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