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Some think it is the hot flashes….

Some, the dark spots….

Others, the sleeplessness….

I, on the other hand, think the biggest
challenge of aging has been incontinence. 
There I said it…the subject is out there.  After four pregnancies, I began to experience
this discouraging problem.  As an
asthmatic, I faced even more embarrassing moments…I just never knew when a coughing
spell might create a “flood” of problems. 
Oh yes, I had the surgery…but things eventually dropped back into place
and the challenges returned.

Most of you have read about my makeover at
age 50 and facing incontinence with determination became a part of that
story.  I needed to test products and
become educated.  I needed to get past
allowing the problem to affect my self-esteem and just confront it head on.  That’s exactly what I did and now I live with
it with confidence and awareness.

Just like I learned the fashions which fit
my lifestyle best, I also studied the best products for underneath!  This is where Depend Fit Flex
has become a part of my life.  If I want
to feel fabulous on the outside, I must feel confident on the inside.

The new Depend is the closest fit to real
underwear I have found with more than adequate protection. It also moves with
my life…I must have a reliable partner when I do my workouts…sit ups require
it!! (Some of you will know exactly what I mean!) However, I can also wear them
under my dresses, skirts, and tight skinny pants with confidence and smooth
lines.  They have added more Lycra
strands for a close-to-the-body fit.

If you need more convincing, just visit DEPEND.COM and watch videos of real people who discuss their personal journeys with bladder
control issues.  The VIDEOS FOLLOW REAL PEOPLE as they experience the discreet fit of Depend Underwear with new
Fit-Flex protection for themselves and gain a newfound sense of normalcy that
helps give them the freedom and confidence they need.
You know me…I am all about confidence.  Incontinence rattled my cage for a short time…but
I have won!  Thanks to Depend Fit-Flex
with great fit and protection…there are no worries here!

Go HERE and get
a free sample…give it a try for yourself!!

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  1. No comments? Me thinks it is because this is a problem most women do not want to admit they have. You were brave to raise the issue.

  2. This is a brave post, I'm sure your honesty will help many women. One of my friends has told me she has the same issue. I'm glad there's a product that is helpful.

    blue hue wonderland

  3. Fabulous post! Asthma and incontinence. Let's see, asthma since 2012 … incontinence since – gee whiz it's been so long that I cannot remember. But I still forget I have it so I swear a lot and keep pads on each of ,my 3 floors. I so love my cotton underwear – but OK, I will check it out! Thank you.

  4. Oh my goodness ladies. I will turn 60 in 3 months. I do not suffer from incontinence. My GYN said it was because I have done my Kegels after I had my 1st baby. I still do them at least once a day. It has gotten harder to clinch those muscles, but, I do them religiously. I have given birth 2x and I know that isn't the same as 4, but it worked for me.

  5. Thank you for this post Pam. I honestly love your statement that you wouldn't allow this to effect your self-esteem and would just confront it head on, which you have done with so much style! I read the comment about kegels and yes, those are helpful to a certain extent, but not when you honestly have this issue. I currently do not, but have some indications that I can't rule it out forever. I now realize that this is a solution and after reading this, I can tell you that it made me feel a whole lot better. The reason being, look at you!! You are always so stylish and pulled together, smiling and positive. In spite of what life throws at me, I want to be that way too, and want others to see someone who is confident and relaxed and positive when they see me. We can't stop the aging process. We can do lots of things, but every one of us is going to keep getting older, if we are lucky. To have solutions like this one to assist with a common problem, I think it's great. Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this! Karen

  6. A tough subject to approach my darling friend and you did it with your usual grace. Incontinence is unfortunate and effects many of us particularly women who have had hysterectomies and women of a certain age. I read through the comments and appreciate that everyone makes themselves heard. One comment in particular (although I don't believe it was intentional ) struck a never with me. It implies that kegel exercises will somehow prevent this issue.It has been proven to work for many it is not the answer for all of us. Kegel exercises ( clench-and-release exercises that you can do to make the muscles of your pelvic floor stronger) are a valued exercise for maintaining a strong pelvic sling ( picture a hammock holding things up). However our bodies are all different and bladder cancer, hysterectomies and a myriad of other issues can cause incontinence and no amount of kegel exercises will remedy the situation.
    P.S> sorry deleted previous comment because of type-o's LOL

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