Isabi White Jeans…Can’t Wait!

I can’t wait to wear my new white jeans sent to me from ISABI

I have been pinning and pulling looks with white denim from all kinds of places and planning some different styles.

Spend some time on ISABI.COM…they have some fun styles perfect for the active midlife woman!!

Have a beautiful Friday, everyone!!  What are you most looking forward to wearing this spring??

Jeans provided by Isabi


  1. Spring!! Longing for spring here in NE Ohio. I'm looking forward to wearing anything that doesn't look like my winter coats and jackets!! But seriously, I'm looking forward to lighter fabrics, more dresses, and generally a lighter look and feel. Switching up neutrals to lighter colors for the spring/summer season. Looking out my window at the snow, I'm just really so ready for spring!! Karen

  2. I really like some of the styles I see on Isabi, but it looks like it's only mail order from the UK. Are there any stores in the US? Thanks.

  3. This is a nice site. I especially like their jeans, just the right cut and design to my eye. It will be fun to see how you wear the white jeans.

    blue hue wonderland

  4. As silly as it may sound, in spring I enjoy trading in my black jeans for my blue ones – more consistently! (And naturally, wearing all my favorite little skirts with the best part… cute shoes and bare legs!)

  5. Pam, I love white jeans in the spring and summer, with tees, sheer blouses, dressed up or down! I just happen to be looking for a great pair!

    Jay Jeffers, Collected Cool!

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