How We Wear Our Boots!!

I am joining fabulous bloggers today with JILL and ADRIENNE to show how we wear our boots.

I realized that despite the colder winter this year, I did not wear them as much.  Not sure why…but I still love my boots!

Have a wonderful Wednesday all….click on those names above and check out the looks!

(psst…next time it is How I Wear My Skirt…in April!)


  1. Hi Pam, thanks for joining us once again and thank you for the mention! We really got great pictures featuring stylish looks with boots. I love that you wore a cardigan with a southwest vibe with your boots. It was perfect! XO, Jill

  2. Okay, I have a real thing for boots. All boots. If someone is wearing them, they are the first thing I notice. Okay, yes, I need to get my head up and watch where I'm going. But seriously . . .!

  3. Hi Pam. I love boots, and like yours as well. I missed out on the over the knee boots, but there is next year , I havent worn jeans in 5 years due to my disease, but it was a nice pace. You look great, with a lovely smile

  4. I also love boots, and haven't worn them much this season. (It's still cold… You remind me to get my boots on before spring arrives.)

    Love your look!

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