InStyle Magazine for April is not the only place featuring long coats and jackets for the spring season…they are everywhere.  This is a look I personally have loved for a long time…long jackets, coats, boyfriend jackets, and dusters!

Many of you saw my new coat from Macys on Monday…however, I would like to focus on one of the comments, because it is worthy of discussion.  Hi Pam, I love your post and I follow all the ladies mentioned. My next comment is not meant to be snarky or to hurt. Although the jacket is lovely, I think its too long for you when wearing a flat heel. If you cant tolerate heels perhaps investigate shortening the jacket a bit. It may also just be the camera.
 Nope, not the camera….With many body types, long coats are tricky.  I always try them on and often turn them down.  I happen to like this coat length, and I would not wear it with heels, because I ceased wearing heels years ago after bunion surgery.  I love my flats…there are so many fun designs now…I do not miss heels that much.

I think it works, yet I do appreciate the comment because, I have also shortened coats before.  It is just up to your individual preference. I encourage everyone to always take time with a good three way mirror, and consider if you need the help of a tailor or not…it is possible to make them shorter!!  Also, of you can wear heels, consider what a great shoe might do to further the look.  I am returning to my love for the longer coats and jackets after losing some weight…there was a time, the coat added weight…did not mask it.  Now, I can go smaller and select a flattering design. 

How about you…are you wearing the long coats and jackets this spring?  There are some gorgeous ones in the stores!  Don’t hesitate to see the tailor if you think it is too long!

Have a joyous Wednesday everyone!!

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