The Long and Short of Long Jackets and Coats

InStyle Magazine for April is not the only place featuring long coats and jackets for the spring season…they are everywhere.  This is a look I personally have loved for a long time…long jackets, coats, boyfriend jackets, and dusters!

Many of you saw my new coat from Macys on Monday…however, I would like to focus on one of the comments, because it is worthy of discussion.  Hi Pam, I love your post and I follow all the ladies mentioned. My next comment is not meant to be snarky or to hurt. Although the jacket is lovely, I think its too long for you when wearing a flat heel. If you cant tolerate heels perhaps investigate shortening the jacket a bit. It may also just be the camera.
 Nope, not the camera….With many body types, long coats are tricky.  I always try them on and often turn them down.  I happen to like this coat length, and I would not wear it with heels, because I ceased wearing heels years ago after bunion surgery.  I love my flats…there are so many fun designs now…I do not miss heels that much.

I think it works, yet I do appreciate the comment because, I have also shortened coats before.  It is just up to your individual preference. I encourage everyone to always take time with a good three way mirror, and consider if you need the help of a tailor or not…it is possible to make them shorter!!  Also, of you can wear heels, consider what a great shoe might do to further the look.  I am returning to my love for the longer coats and jackets after losing some weight…there was a time, the coat added weight…did not mask it.  Now, I can go smaller and select a flattering design. 

How about you…are you wearing the long coats and jackets this spring?  There are some gorgeous ones in the stores!  Don’t hesitate to see the tailor if you think it is too long!

Have a joyous Wednesday everyone!!


  1. I love this coat and loved it on you when I first saw it
    I don't think the length is wrong at all
    What might be throwing the reader off is the cropped pant
    I wouldn't change a thing

  2. Pam, I too have always loved coats, long jackets, dusters, and trenches. I think a coat like this is really perfect for the transitional time of Spring! Looks very cute with your black skinnies and flats and I would venture to say the length is perfect! Love to have a coat like this myself.
    x Kim

  3. I think this is one of those looks where it's been so long (10-15 years?) since long coats were in style, that it's taking us a while to get used to the look, hence comments about the length and heels. You just have to get your eye used to the look. I remember that skinny jeans/pants were hard to get used to when they started popping up all over about 10 years ago.

    love this long coat styling you've done, Pam – I've never stopped loving my longer coats!

  4. I love the longer coat look! I really think it gives a timeless and elegant look! I am so short I have to shorten coats because I am so short I look really silly, same with capris! 😀 I can't wear heels anymore, as I have hurt my ankles too many times!

  5. I really like this silhouette, Pam, and you wear it well. I am past heels too – up to about 2" is OK, but beyond that, I can't enjoy my day! Great post, xox.

  6. I don 't like wearing long coats or jackets either, however, still love my heels. I am going to check Goodwill for a mid-length trench for the Spring….for whenever it decides to arrive – lol!

  7. I love the mid-length coat (this does not qualify as a long coat in my book, this is more in the swing-coat length category). No offense to the commenter, but I do not agree with her. At all. I think this looks great on you! I would not change a thing. Love that you paired it with a red bag tied with a scarf! XO, Jill

  8. Long jackets and dusters are like chocolate for me. Almost to the point of a dangerous addiction — if I give myself permission to buy one, I want to buy many, many. Oh my, I just realized I have an event coming up that a long jacket would be perfect for. …. Uh oh.

  9. Love your coat and the entire ensemble – persnickety comments undeserved! You look lovely – it is people who are so fussy and critical that prevent so many women from expressing themselves. I have gotten dressed and believed I put together something creative and attractive only to redress into something 'safe' because I was afraid of criticism. You have helped me overcome this. It is because of you that my own flat collection has increased. They are fun and comfortable!

    1. I really believed her comment to be constructive criticism…worthy of discussion. I also wanted readers to know that sometimes it is worth consideration to shorten a jacket. She did not shut me done or discourage me…I like the look and am going to keep it that way…but I appreciated her bringing up another way to look at it.

  10. I think you look lovely. I like 3/4 coats as I am 5'2" at last somethingt that I can wear. Love the ballet flats, thinking of getting a pair for spring too. I thnk though I will have to have my ankle boots surgically removed.

  11. It's not clear to me if you're wearing the coat as something you'll wear all day whether you're inside or out, or if it's for outside only. If I'm wearing a coat for outside only I like it to cover whatever else I have on. Then if it's raining -morel likely than dusty in the Mid-Atlantic Region- my outfit stays nice. If you're wearing the coat like a jacket that you'd leave on all the time then maybe a little shorter is better.

    I have seen a lot of coats that are mid-thigh with heels, but since I intend to actually walk someplace in my coats I ignore that because walking in heels isn't something I do.

    1. Actually, I have been wearing this all day as more of a jacket…we do not really have coat weather down here…winter coats are stored away. So this is an overall spring look for me. Thanks for your comment!

  12. Pam great comments because it does make me consider the overall look.So with a longer jacket I like a more fitted, shorter top and a slim pant at the ankle, with flats. It seems more pulled together to me and not messy. That;s just me of course!

    The Arts by Karena

  13. I am looking for a trenchcoat and a lovely coat like yours. My grandmother always said you can hide a multitude of fashion sins under a lovely coat. Yours pulls everything together beautifully, and makes it look like you took time and care to get ready. Too long- I don't agree, but I appreciate that the reader delivered her comment in an appropriate way. Just her opinion and we are all entitled to them as long as we comment with good taste.

    And the only heels I wear are kitten heels and I don't care what anyone else thinks about them.

  14. I just wore a longer wool tweed to a wake this winter with boots and it looked great! I like the longer look…even with flats! Many of the sweaters I wore over skinny jeans worked well with flats!…:)JP

  15. I like the length of the coat and it looks great with your flats. I really don't see any proportion issues to wear flats with a longer coat. Shoes and hair are controversial with our age group. Everyone has strong feelings. My hair is short and I'm sure some would think I should wear it longer. We all have our preferences and reasons for our choices.

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  16. My favorite part of the day is looking at your fashions. I happen to like the length of the coat and the whole look. You look just gorgeous. As usual. I still want you to dress me daily.

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