Walking into Heather’s home is the same as entering a beautiful,
European boutique.  Perfect interior
design…inviting gorgeous Italian atmosphere, along with, exquisite fashions
hanging throughout the living area.  Even
the mirror is breathtaking.

Heather began selling WORTH NEW YORK fashions seven years
ago out of a deep love for women’s clothing. 
“I have always loved clothes,” she said. 
“My family called me a clothes nut as far back as high school.”  She loves in-home sales and all of the
personal touches it provides the high-end shopper. Worth New York fashions are uniquely sold in the homes of their national network of professional sales associates, like Heather.

“The quality of our Worth designs is impeccable.  The New York designers go all over the world
to find the most fashionable fabrics in design and touch. We are known for our
butter leather pieces.  You just will not
find this quality for these prices anywhere,” she said. (Of course, she is modeling a great Worth look!)

Her typical customer is between ages 40-80.  They are building their wardrobes with
quality, unique pieces not seen on most of the women in their peer groups.  They love in home shopping for the
relationships, the personal attention, and the ease.  And, the collection is for every woman in a vast range of sizes ….for the curvy and the petite!!

Worth was founded in 1991 in New York to provide intrinsic
value through luxury clothing. They are dedicated to serving women of purpose,
passion and style.  The Spring and Summer
lines are currently being sold by associates all over the country and both
lines have some amazing pieces. 

Heather encourages all of us to remember color and shape
matter when selecting garments.  Make
sure both are flattering. 
 What did I see that I loved?…so much!! That amazing cut-out leather coat in green…the silky soft-second-skin tee shirts and camisoles…the stunning pencil skirts with the “branch”designs…it really is a unique and gorgeous collection!

She is one fabulous midlife woman doing what she loves…surrounded
by clothes and helping other women feel their confident best. 

Check out more about Worth HERE and look for your own local Heather…San Antonio residents may contact her at hwolff@worthnewyork.com.
Then have a fantastic Friday!!

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