Would You Wear Them or Not??

The April 2014 edition of Harper’s Bazaar has an interesting article by Lisa Armstrong titled, “Do You Dress Your Age? What’s appropriate and should it really matter?”

She begins with an observation made in Paris where some women are wearing teen shoes with just about anything… you know, trainers, sneakers, and skate shoes.

She writes, “If the French are shifting down a gear with their footwear, then change is certainly in the air.  After all, the French (known to give most passing trends the Gallic cold shoulder) are mistresses of dressing age appropriately.”

The article is a good read and with the other Fabulous at Every Age features, you should pick up the issue.

But, let’s discuss… would you wear skater shoes or sneakers with your work attire…or, say out on a date?

Happy Sunday everyone…see you later with all the gang from Visible Monday!!

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  1. Pam I think I am just too traditional, I like to shake it up a bit; however tennies with jeans, a white tee, a fun jacket work best for me!

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  2. I'm not sure it's got anything to do with age. there are some very cute casual tennies that look great with business casual. It all depends on the outfit.

  3. It all depends on the type of date. For a casual outing…yes. And the same answer for work. If you work in an art profession…yes.

  4. Not with a suit and stockings, but in casual pants or skirts.
    We aren't talking about the old Keds you keep at the lake or wear in the garden.

  5. After living in Paris for many years, I can tell you that it's not totally new… All Stars (tres Americaine) are the biggest selling tennies and are a necessity with cold cobble stone streets and the fact that you walk absolutely EVERYWHERE, all day! It's always been boots, loafers or tennies…. I'm a big fan.

  6. Oh my gosh, yes! I saw this trend myself when I was in Paris, and of course the women looked chic. I think Coco Chanel's contribution to fashion–pairing elegant pieces with casual–continues to influence fashion. For me the secret to looking chic in trainers is avoiding clunky gym shoes and go for a slimmer sole and making sure the rest of my outfit looks put together with an element of good tailoring and excellent fit. Also making sure the clothes aren't wrinkled.

    As far as wearing it with work attire? Well, it is very practical. Maybe French women are tired of having sore feet. But for me, I just can't wrap my mind around tennies with a skirt. That doesn't look sleek and chic to my eye.

  7. Don;t date anymore Pam, my husband would be upset 🙂 I wear what I like. My skirts may be shorter than some like, but I feel as long as I like my legs, why not> I bought 2 pair of the slip on sneakers and love them. SOOO comfortable. Will feature them soon in spring. Got a pair off leopard by Sam Eldeman, and another will be a surprise. But yes, I do go with the trends sometimes.

  8. When I was teaching school, I occasionally wore a pair almost identical to the ones pictured above (except the stripe around the sole was red) on casual Fridays. I was in my 50s at the time and my junior high students loved seeing me wear them. If that's an up-and-coming fashion, I'm glad I hung on to them! I'd only wear them with jeans though.

  9. I have leaned to never to say never 🙂 Last year I bought black leather look wedge heel sneakers… I LOVE them. Do I wear them to work? Not as yet. Would l consider it? Yes, if I could create a look that I felt worked, most definitely. I am interested that sneakers etc have been referred to as 'teen shoes".

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