The April 2014 edition of Harper’s Bazaar has an interesting article by Lisa Armstrong titled, “Do You Dress Your Age? What’s appropriate and should it really matter?”

She begins with an observation made in Paris where some women are wearing teen shoes with just about anything… you know, trainers, sneakers, and skate shoes.

She writes, “If the French are shifting down a gear with their footwear, then change is certainly in the air.  After all, the French (known to give most passing trends the Gallic cold shoulder) are mistresses of dressing age appropriately.”

The article is a good read and with the other Fabulous at Every Age features, you should pick up the issue.

But, let’s discuss… would you wear skater shoes or sneakers with your work attire…or, say out on a date?

Happy Sunday everyone…see you later with all the gang from Visible Monday!!

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