Marlo Thomas, Diane Keaton…Inspirational Reads!

Need a little inspiration? 
Something to get your heart pumping and creativity screaming?  Then get a copy of Marlo Thomas’s New York
Times bestseller, It Ain’t Over…Til It’s Over (Reinventing your life and
realizing your dreams – anytime, any age).
“There’s nothing I love – and need- more than the
reassurance that we can all dream – and start over again.”  -Marlo Thomas
Thomas has compiled 60 inspiring stories of women who (for
different reasons) literally took ideas and dreams and made them happen.  “They were stuck. Some were stuck in dead-end
jobs that made them feel lifeless inside. 
Others were new empty- nesters – confronted, practically overnight, with a
big, quiet house and a bigger, quieter future. 
Still others had experienced a life crisis – a divorce, a layoff, the
death of a loved one – and had fallen into a stultifying funk.”

I have had a hard time putting this book down…the cat bit me
for water, my son begged me for dinner, and I screened phone calls.

We all can be inspired to take steps of
courage …to act on ideas swimming around in our heads…to take a leap of faith.

I will share one story with you… Layla Fanucci, 56, had
never painted a picture in her life. 
But, she wanted a painting for her house and could not find exactly what
she was looking for, so she bought some paint and began a masterpiece.  Her amazing story takes her from friends
noticing her painting to one day actually selling one piece of artwork for
$100,000!  “You know how runners talk
about that amazing euphoric feeling they get at the end of a marathon? When I
paint, I have that wonderful feeling the entire time,” she said. Hundreds of paintings
and gallery showings later, she is a bona fide painter.
“We all have hidden talents,” she continues.  “If we find them, we need to work on them
every day and let them flourish.  I often
think of what I would have missed if I had not given up a steady, reliable
salary and followed my passion.”

Her story plus 59 others have my jets soaring.  These women show us all things are possible
and it is never too late to have a little fun!  
MORE magazine also arrived this week and has a fun read about Diane Keaton’s new book, “Let’s Just Say It Wasn’t Pretty,” and another encouraging article called, “What it Means to Live Fearlessly.”  Pick up the May issue.
“I think I am like most women.  In the mirror, most of us find a few disappointments. We each deal with them the best we can. We slather, we dab, we rouge, we nip, we tuck, we ignore. I don’t regret that the face I present to the world is the one I was born with.”
-Diane Keaton discussing her decision not to have plastic surgery

Find both books below, if you would like to order from Amazon….and be prepared to find some life on the joyful side!

Have a fabulous Friday, everyone!


  1. Pam,
    So interesting that you are featuring Layla today — I'll be seeing her tomorrow! Her story is so inspirational and her paintings are beyond beautiful. I can't afford an oil but I do have 2 prints that she has inscribed to me and my partner. Her studio is located in the winery that has been in her husband's family for generations (they make some of the best wine in the Napa Valley.) I'm hoping to get to read the book soon.

  2. Love Diane Keaton and remember just being smitten by Marlo Thomas on "That Girl"
    Will definitely check this stuff out
    Have a fabulous Easter weekend


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