Over 60 Feeling Sensational…With Skin to Prove It! (Plus Fashion Flash!)

“Are we still celebrating birthdays?”  My husband asked actually wondering what my
expectations were as I turned 61.
“Might as well celebrate,” I said. “I am not aware I can prevent
it from happening!”

But, I have to say, as I celebrate today, I am quite pleased
with how I look and feel at 61.  I know
aging is inevitable, but I do not see an aging woman between the pictures on the right side taken at 60 and where I am today on the left…(other
than my photographer wasn’t quite awake yet when he took pictures yesterday!)

I attribute this to many reasons, but today I really
want to say how pleased I am with my skincare! 
Our body’s largest organ is our skin and it is the only organ affected
internally and externally.  I feel good
about my internal decisions:  Healthy
eating, good supplements, and lots of hydration!  On my sixtieth birthday last year, I was in the beginning stages of using the most personal skincare line on the market, IOMA-PARIS.  My introductory posts were HERE AND HERE.  After my sphere analysis, I started a regime of
their number 3 line (heavy in hydration) which included cleanser, toner, eye
cream, day cream, serum, night cream, and a twice a week antioxidant mask (which is so amazing I sleep in it!)
I returned last week to the IOMA sphere (see the sphere in that first post I mentioned above) at SAKS FIFTH AVENUE and was so pleased to see improvement in all areas:  hydration, fine lines, wrinkles, sagging,
redness, bacterial activity, clogged pores, bags and eyelids, dark circles, and
fine lines around the eyes.  Now, that is
anti-aging in my book!!  I am getting older, but do not look it!

    As all IOMA customers do, I received an
incredible, relaxing, rejuvenating facial in the spa room right there at SAKS, the only place you can purchase IOMA in the US.  Then, they introduced me to BESPOKE.  On the beauty floor, at the
counter, the IOMA representatives take my diagnosis and mix up eight small
vials into two bases for the most personal day and night cream available on the
market…just for me…it might as well be called, Pam-Care!

They mix two active bases, one for day and the other night,
each comprising 18 active ingredients with what I need specifically from eight
serums with a maximum concentration (the most allowed without a prescription).  The two bases include Neutrazen (a highly effective
peptide which reduces skin sensitivity, combats reactivity in sensitive skins,
and reduces redness) and Vitamin E, an antioxidant to protect the body from
harmful effects of free radicals and slows down skin ageing. 

  I started this one
week ago…so we will see what 62 looks like next July!  I receive compliments on my skin more than
anything…thank you IOMA that I do not look older at 61!  Your products are amazing and I feel
sensational.  Another thing my husband
said…Can I go to IOMA?  We are scheduling an appointment for him
soon! Now, if anyone in San Antonio would be interested in an introduction to IOMA-Paris, please call Amelia at 210-591-3476.
Yes, I bought myself just a “few” birthday presents:
A Michael Kors boyfriend jacket from DILLARDS
Kate Spade leather black handbag from Marshalls…never pay full price for fabulous!


This week, Fashion Flash is hosted by the SECOND LIVES CLUB and includes great reading from fashion and beauty bloggers just for the midlife woman.

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Have an amazing Monday…shhh, I am going to eat ice cream today, don’t tell!

Disclaimer:  I am provided product from IOMA-Paris…however, the writing and opinion is completely mine!  Nothing else is provided. 


  1. Happy Birthday Pam…you look gorgeous…age is but a number it's how you feel inside and you obviously feel good because it radiates from you…picture perfect birthday girl 😉 xx

  2. Happy Birthday Pam! I could not tell any difference between the pictures except I think your glasses might be different? You look great! And good for you having ice cream on your special day. A treat now and then won't wreck your healthy eating plan! Keep doing what you're doing – it's working! Karen

  3. Happy Birthday, Pam!! Your skin does look fabulous. I'm going to have to check out IOMA. And I think we have the same jacket…Great Minds and all that…. 🙂

  4. Wow, you certainly look a LOT younger than your years!!!! Now I'm interested in IOMA. Unfortunately, I live in a smallish town where there is no SAKS even close (very sad)…

  5. Happy birthday. I too had another birthday last Friday. They are inevitable. I don't feel or look any different this week. I agree it is how you feel and taking care of yourself.

  6. Happy Birthday to you Pam! You look fabulous and happy! This skincare routine is really working for you and so is being in such a confident, wonderful place in life. You have worked for it and it shows. You are glowing! Thanks for stopping by Stylemindchic Life and letting me know of your difficulty commenting. Let me know if clicking on the title of the post doesn't open the comment section below. It should work. I enjoy keeping in touch with you and I always appreciate my fellow July birthday friends! xx

  7. Happy Birthday Pam!! You are looking quite fab these days
    I hope you celebrate all week long
    Love the bag you got at Marshall's!

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