I believe it is important for me to be completely honest with you as I journal through this journey with JENNY CRAIG.  I have had many, many years of yo-yo dieting and stress eating.  Some of these very bad habits do not break easily.

Last week, my weight loss was at 12.2 pounds…this week at 12.6 pounds…I was so glad there was no gain!  I knew I had struggled through the week with stress eating.  Once school begins, I am surrounded with cakes, cupcakes, cookies, donuts, specialty breads and more.  It is not a temptation until I have a stressful or just down right bad day…then I turn to my drug of choice …..SUGAR.  Also, on a very fast paced schedule, I eat and run and not look at the menu….that is not good.  So, the potential is there to take this at a faster pace.

My Jenny consultant asked why I thought my progress was minimal?  I already knew the answer.  But, here is the good news:

1. My stress eating is way lower than it use to be.  A whole cookie has become just a bite. (next week’s goal is NO BITES!)
2.  My stomach does still bother me when I eat rich foods…that’s a good thing and new since I began Jenny.
3.  I made baby progress though I did cheat a little.

Next week, my goal is to stick with my JENNY CRAIG MEAL PLAN…be more aware of the carbs in fruits and veggies I select to supplement….and avoid the teacher’s lounge completely (no reason to be in front of temptation).

I am so close to my first big goal that I really want to make it for myself and to inspire others!  I believe I have made great progress in four months, though it is slow,  and I hope to keep it going.

I must remember, when I reach my goals….I SHOP!!
Happy Friday everyone…Three Day Weekend!!

*I was provided a free trial program, and free Jenny’s Cuisine® items. Currently, I purchase their food at a special rate.   However, the opinions and writing are entirely my own. 
Members following the Jenny Craig program, on average, lose 1-2 lbs per week

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