Casual September Style!

Hopefully, everyone is having a wonderful week.  I am so happy to be into September standing on autumn’s doorstep.  

Please make sure you are entered to win the $1000 gift card for shopping with Lafayette 148 New York…someone is going to be screaming when the winner is announced on Monday! Just go HERE..

Today, I am going easy, breezy casual for some errand running.  The last three weeks have been crazy busy with school starting, baby shower hostessing, blog writing, and family life!  So, this is something I might wear for getting out and about to shop groceries to baby gear!

The pieces are……

I heard last week sales of denim are declining…difficult for this Texan to believe. We certainly love our jeans down here. See that NBC NEWS REPORT, HERE.  Has anyone stopped wearing jeans…please tell us why?
Have an awesome Wednesday!


  1. Pam, thanks for reminding me of the gift drawing! I will get over there right now!
    Love the sneakers and HOGWASH! Denim is not dead; Levi's needs a makeover but not denim overall! Xoxo Paula

  2. I have added casual pants (dockers) to my wardrobe because I feel the are softer and more comfortable. I also started wearing yoga pants at home during the day. We have been traveling a lot (flying) and I find I get treated better, moved to the no need to take off your shoe line if we are dressed better than jeans.

  3. I don't think jeans will ever go out of style. You just need to update the ones you have so that they look in fashion. I live in farm country and we wear denim every day. I do dress up more when shopping or traveling because I do believe that people treat you better.

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