Breast Cancer Stories from the Heart of Families, Plus The Thursday Blog Hop!

“You are never really prepared for it.  It is overwhelming, scary, and suddenly you know life will never be the same.”

“The week I found out, I began to eat junk food like crazy.  During one moment with Pita Bread, I just broke down and began to cry.  My husband looked at me and said, ‘This isn’t about the pita bread is it?'”

This is how my conversation with two vibrant, young women began…both are teachers; both are creative; both are joyful; both are in their twenties; and both are daughters of breast cancer victims. They are now closer together through this common bond.

Sara’s mom is Stage Three.  She was told in a busy restaurant with the whole family present.  Allison’s mom is Stage one.  She was told in a conference call.  Though her mother has already had a double mastectomy, Allison lives with the knowledge that the disease has hit her great grandmother and aunt; as well as her mom.

From observing their mothers, both young ladies have learned one important lesson, “YOU MUST BE YOUR OWN ADVOCATE.”  Ask a lot of questions; get second opinions; if no one returns a call, be persistent and continue to call; get informed; don’t shut down or become depressed; persevere and go forward; don’t make assumptions…always have hope.

Sara said, “Our family has drawn closer together and become a necessary support system. Sometimes all my mom needs is my presence.  She does not always need me to do something.  Just be there.”

Allison said, “Don’t be afraid to talk about your feelings.  This affects everyone in the family.  Do not tiptoe around it.  Face it head on.  You do not have to be strong all of the time, if you want to cry, give yourself permission.  Be open with your feelings and don’t hide them”

We sat talking in the art room where Sara teaches, and I could not help but look at a mobile dancing overhead.  The mobile, made by a student, featured colorful ladies prancing with umbrellas around a very dark, solid black form.  That represented the cancer to me.  But, the colorful ones continued to dance around it with hope and joy.  Sara and Allison are on DIFFERENT PATHS, YET ONE JOURNEY.

Please remember that I have joined with SAINT AGNES HOSPITAL to acknowledge BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH.  Because, I MATTER, I must always be my own advocate with the healthcare system, and a great hospital like Saint Agnes is there to help women in a variety of ways.  This month, they encourage all of us to be vigilant with self-examinations and mammograms, and with healthy eating.  One of you will win a Vitamix Blender.  Just go HERE to register to win.
I want to learn from the amazing strength and wisdom of these two young ladies, because I MATTER.
After you register to win the Vitamix, then go enjoy the wonderful bloggers of Katie’s Favorite Things Blog Hop!

Have a Thursday full of HOPE!


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  1. There are so many brave women telling their own stories. I am amazed by the strength and confidence they show in spite of the difficult situations. My own Mother has breast cancer and she is the strongest woman of faith I know!
    The Arts by Karena

  2. Such an amazing post and amazing women too. I think every everyone at some point in life will know, have, someone that gets through cancer. My Grandmother had it & beat it, though some years ago another form of cancer came back & we lost her. But, she made it past 90 and I was and still am very grateful for that. I just hope one day this will be something we have a cure for. Thank you for visiting my blog & for the very sweet comment, I hope you are well xoxox Kizzy

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