Fashion bloggers of all ages have been showing off their “mad-for-plaid-finds.”  As soon as I saw this return as a trend, I immediately thought, “I bet I can find it at GOODWILL .”  And, I did! (specifically, the location at Bitters Road and Hwy 281)

This cute little jacket is like new and I will have some kind of fun with it! 

Goodwill is the perfect place to head for a trend-treasure-hunt.  I do this often…rather than spend big bucks on something new which will only be around for a short time.

For Fall 2014, plaid is in.  If you want to participate for just a sliver of your shopping pie…then head on out to GOODWILL for a hunt.  The hunt is the biggest part of the fun!

Participating in TARTAN PLAID LINK UP

Have a fabulous, plaid Wednesday!

(I think it needs a necklace…what do you think?…I should have looked at the necklaces in the Goodwill Jewelry Counters!)

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