Goodwill Hunting: A Fall Trend…Plaid!

Fashion bloggers of all ages have been showing off their “mad-for-plaid-finds.”  As soon as I saw this return as a trend, I immediately thought, “I bet I can find it at GOODWILL .”  And, I did! (specifically, the location at Bitters Road and Hwy 281)

This cute little jacket is like new and I will have some kind of fun with it! 

Goodwill is the perfect place to head for a trend-treasure-hunt.  I do this often…rather than spend big bucks on something new which will only be around for a short time.

For Fall 2014, plaid is in.  If you want to participate for just a sliver of your shopping pie…then head on out to GOODWILL for a hunt.  The hunt is the biggest part of the fun!

Participating in TARTAN PLAID LINK UP

Have a fabulous, plaid Wednesday!

(I think it needs a necklace…what do you think?…I should have looked at the necklaces in the Goodwill Jewelry Counters!)


  1. This looks like an outfit I would wear! Found a jacket like this at Goodwill, but different color! Wish mine was the red plaid, love red. I have all the other pieces! I find all my trends at Goodwill! If I didn't my clothes budget would be astronomical! I love a new outfit, and often!

  2. What a great look! Since plaid is a trend, I will be searching for a bargain too! I don't think this needs a necklace, the jacket is interesting on its own. I like how you styled it with the denim skirt and tights – you look thin! I will try Goodwill in my area to see if I can find a cool plaid like this! Karen

  3. What a great find! I shop almost exclusively at Good Will. I'm glad that you had a positive experience. I like the "green" aspect of recycling through Good Will as well as the thrill of the hunt and the money saving angle. I hope you find a necklace that fits the vision you have for accessorizing your outfit.

  4. I have mentioned it before but I have to repeat myself: I am so jealous about your Goodwill stores and wish we had something similar here!
    Plaid is definitely a huge trend and I have just ordered 2 plaid blouses. Perfect mix with your denim skirt, Pam and a great look!

    Annette | Lady of Style

  5. Hello! This is the first time that I have been to your blog. It is great and you are darling! Thank you for hosting me on Blog Hop, you meet so many amazing people,and see how gifted everyone is.
    ((HUGS)) Joanne

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