A Chat with Designer Rebecca Minkoff

Blogging has opened doors for meetings with so many amazing
women.  This week was full of such
meetings beginning with an incredible opportunity to sit down and talk with
designer REBECCA MINKOFF, an opportunity given to only three local bloggers thirty
minutes prior to her public appearance at NEIMAN MARCUS.  This was one of her stops on a Rebecca
Minkoff road trip (#rmroadtrip) to discuss the spring line from clothes to accessories.

She is an inspiring, creative, business owner and mother of
two. Her three-year-old son was her traveling companion, and she appears to have a strong sense of setting priorities and proper balance.

 All three bloggers had questions ready for
our particular target audiences, but it was a privilege to hear her answer all
of the questions.

“I love working with
Texas customers,” she said.  “One of my
New York team members is from Texas and I find all ages here still love to look
their best with a touch of glamour.”  She
described the Rebecca Minkoff- woman as a sexy tomboy…a dichotomy…a modern
bohemian. In fact, her outfit communicated confident, feminine strength (with an
edge)….in a colorful print RM jacket, tight ripped jeans, and rock n roll
booties.  This is the woman she has
reached with success.
Displaying humility, Rebecca attributed that business success
to working with her brother, Uri. “I wouldn’t be here without him,” she
said.  He is the business mind to her
creative mind.  Of course, she admitted
to sibling rivalry moments, but she was happy to report they work well
together.   She said business has taught
her the importance of time management, trusting others who work for her, and
taking time to empower others within the company.
Vintage and music are the current inspirations and she
teased us with information, “soon everyone will know the female musician who
has inspired the next collection.”  She
lights up when talking of the New York she loves so much and color selections,
like her signature blue and persimmon orange.
  I asked her style
advice for midlife ladies and above….
She counseled to not be afraid of contemporary clothes, and
wear one main statement piece with supporting players.   “Also, know your best assets and show them
off.  My mother hates her knees so she
dresses in order to hide them, but has a great chest and shows it off
Trust Me You’re Lovely,
is one of the quotes on her Pinterest- quotes page, HERE, and all I want to say to
Rebecca is.. you are lovely, and thanks so much for taking some time to sit for a talk!
Notes about the post:
Find Rebecca’s designs at: NEIMAN MARCUS
Other bloggers at the sit down interview were: Michelle from NICE THINGS AND STUFF; and Aquila from HAUTE IN TEXAS.
In the fourth picture from the bottom, Rebecca is interviewed by Burgundy Woods of STYLE LUSH TV
The bottom picture includes members of the new and growing San Antonio Fashion Society…SAN ANTONIO FASHION SOCIETY
Have a fantastic Friday everyone!


  1. Now I need to figure out what is my best asset! Sounds like good advice. And I really like that print dress (The one paired with the black fringed jacket!)

  2. What a fantastic event for you Pam! Rebecca has fantastic style and attitude. I carry one of her cocktail rings in my Stylemindchic Boutique and it's one of my favorite pieces. Moments like these make blogging so exciting, don't they? Congrats!!
    xx, Heather

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