I thought about waiting until the first of the year to begin something new…but really, why wait?  I have wanted to do this on Wednesday for some time now.

I will feature an outfit that I have found in the world of retail.  Then you tell me…would you wear it??  In your comments, let’s help the retailers know what we like…tell us why you have said yes or no.  And tell them if your age has anything to do with your answer!  I have decided not to tell you my answer in order not to influence opinions!  Perhaps, I will do a collection of them at the end of the month and tell you what I think.

Today’s look was found at KOHLS in the Vera Wang section of the store.  It includes a dress, scarf, hose, and booties…so, ladies, Would you Wear it??

I can’t wait to read your comments!

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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