New Feature: Would You Wear it Wednesday!

I thought about waiting until the first of the year to begin something new…but really, why wait?  I have wanted to do this on Wednesday for some time now.

I will feature an outfit that I have found in the world of retail.  Then you tell me…would you wear it??  In your comments, let’s help the retailers know what we like…tell us why you have said yes or no.  And tell them if your age has anything to do with your answer!  I have decided not to tell you my answer in order not to influence opinions!  Perhaps, I will do a collection of them at the end of the month and tell you what I think.

Today’s look was found at KOHLS in the Vera Wang section of the store.  It includes a dress, scarf, hose, and booties…so, ladies, Would you Wear it??

I can’t wait to read your comments!

Happy Wednesday, everyone!


  1. No I don't think it is at all flattering. I am not a fan of ankle boots with dresses (just a personal thing) unless you have fantastic legs. Nor do I like the combination of fishnet tights with a patterned dress. Altogether too much going on.

  2. I would not wear this. It looks muddy to me, not a fan of brown, but that is a personal thing as this is not a good color for me. I think it looks busy and I don't like the floral pattern of the dress. I do love booties, but not with this dress. Okay, I have an aversion to fishnet stockings. I always wonder, 'where would you wear them, really?' I'm hoping someone has something positive to say about this dress because I want to see how it is viewed by someone else in a positive light. Karen

  3. I am a fan of the dress, shoes and hoes but not so sure about the scarf at least with the dress. Maybe by itself or a different outfit I should say. I think it's a good for a date night with the husband or for church.

  4. Oh goodness! they need a real to life mannequin to show off how it will really look. someone my age who has a bit of a belly – that high/low just isnt going to work – because with a big belly, we automatically get high/low look. No need to accentuate that! I'd also choose a scarf that was just one color, preferably a dark brown or black.

  5. Interesting idea Pam! I would wear the dress, booties and matte tights with this look. I would definitely skip the scarf. Too busy for me! I have a fun giveaway going on at Stylemindchic Lifestyle ($50 Gift card + a Savvy Sleepers Luxury Satin Pillowcase)! A little fun giving back this season! Happy December Pam! Winter break is coming! 😉

  6. I would not wear it as the colors and style are simply wrong for me. Actually, I do not have a single client who would look good it this outfit. However, there is plenty at Kohls, that can be used for a fabulous outfit for over 50 women who are feeling 40 or younger.

  7. I do like the dress, the scarf, the boots — but in one ensemble it is WAY too much going on. Even on the ultra-thin mannequin it is not a good look. I am a fan of subdued colors so the dress would work for me, although a straight hemline would be better. Paired with higher boots would be more flattering. Fishnets over 40 is hard to pull off (in my opinion).

  8. No I would not. Although I am a huge fan of brown, this is not my idea of pretty at all there is too much going on for one thing. The Browns are not pretty shades at all and I do not like the hem of the dress; the net hose or the booties. I used to buy from Kohls several years ago, but I am not a fan of the Vera Wang items they have added in the last few years. I would love to see Kohls add some working woman capsule ideas, but their marketing personal seem to think differently.

    This is a great blog idea, by the way.

  9. No. Too much fabric with the scarf flopping on the chest like that, although I do like to mix low contrast prints. Don't fancy the lifted skirts look with the thigh showing. I'm getting tired of booties, these look nothing special though too heavy for the dress – liking mid calf boots a whole lot and are what I'm wearing the most these days. Would never wear fishnets. I can't get over the idea that they're tarty. Whole thing kind of reminds me of a piano shawl.

  10. Somebody might be able to make this look good but it would not be me! Too much going on. I wish there was a closer picture so I could see more of the details. Great idea for a fun new series, Pam. I bet you will get a ton of responses! XO, Jill

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