Would You Wear It Wednesday: New Year’s Eve Edition

Let’s just pretend for one day…all of us will be attending a fancy New Year’s Eve party Wednesday Night…so would you wear this?  Please tell us:

1. Do you have a preference of long dresses, short dresses or dress pants for evening events or parties?
2. How do you feel about sleeveless dresses?
3. Do you like wearing metallics?

It’s your day….tell us Would you Wear It?

Then, whether you are in jeans, pajamas, or Chanel tonight…may your New Year’s Eve be full of fireworks, kisses, and sparkles!

Happy New Year!


  1. Yes I would definitely wear it! It would have to be a pretty fancy party for me and I'd have to wear some sort of wrap because I always freeze! I don't quite get sleeveless in winter! I would have a lot of fun picking out the shoes to match too! Love metallic if it is subtle and tasteful which this looks to be. Are you wearing this tonight?! I will be in my lounge wear! Happy New Year!

  2. it's so festive looking and a long gown feels even more so–but the dress is a little too straight over the hips for me [and my hips]. The gold color might be had to wear, and I prefer my metallic/glitter in smaller doses. So I'll pass on it.

  3. So beautiful! I prefer something a little shorter with some sort of sleeve – but for a dress that pretty, I would wear it! Have a very Happy New Year Pam!

  4. Yes, if I had the right place to wear it (and could afford it!) I would definitely wear this. Instead, I'll be relaxing in my jeans babysitting grandkids while the younger generation goes.

  5. I love it and would most definitely wear it! I do prefer short dresses though, and sleeveless in warm weather, which it definitely is not this time of year in central New York….brrrrr!

  6. Hi Pam, I found your blog a few days ago and I just love it. I love this gold sparkly dress. I would were something with sequin and sleeveless.

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