Would You Wear It Wednesday Stars Two Outfits!

Yes, it’s time for Would You Wear It Wednesday!  Both of these looks are from designer REBECCA MINKOFF, and displayed at NEIMAN MARCUS in THE SHOPS OF LA CANTERA.  So, what do you think of both…would you wear them…why or why not?

Also, if you would like to see my interview with Rebecca, just go HERE.

Have a happy one week until Christmas Eve Day!



  1. I like Rebecca so much, she seems like such a nice person, and I love her bags, but neither of these styles are for me. I almost like the black jacket but if that is fringe on the ends, count me out, I only like fringe on a flapper dress! I do love lace but not like this, white with orange, again, not for me. And I think I would look silly in the print dress with orange moto jacket. This is a fun series, Pam, it's making me think about what styles I gravitate towards. XO, Jill

  2. Although lovely I wouldn't wear it. The flower dress on the right reminds me too much of flower dresses for old ladies, even with the cute jacket. And the ensemble on the right… too much going on: flowy top, lace, black/white/orange but I know I am conservative in this department. The fact that the rim of the skirt is see-through (hugely appreciated by most women) turns me off as well. No idea why. I love my legs, so you would think I want to show them off, but I can never bring myself to buying such a skirt.
    Here you have it. Two lovely combinations and me not wanting them. I should be punished.

  3. Individually nice pieces (the flowery dress isn't my personal style though) but I would wear them in totally different combinations. I love a style mix and therefore laces, ruffles plus fringes are too much for me. For example, I'd pair the lace skirt with a simple top and the ruffled blouse with jeans.
    BTW, your cream silk jacket is awesome!

    Annette | Lady of Style

  4. I love the black jacket, white blouse and skirt and would most definitely wear that. The dress is another story. That said, I LOVE the orange jacket and would wear that, just not with the dress. Don't like the dress at all, it reminds me of something very matronly. I notice she uses this print quite a lot. That orange jacket is amazing! Karen

  5. They're awfully nice, but neither of them would do a thing for me. The orange jacket lapels hit at my excessive boobage and the jacket is shorter than I would usually wear. But it doesn't stop my enjoyment of the outfits here.

  6. I like the cut of the black jacket, but I don't care for the fringe. As much as I love lace, I'm not fond of the orange. I do like the length of the skirt. I wouldn't wear the dress because I rarely wear patterns ( unless it's stripes).

  7. I would wear the black jacket and cream shirt and I do like lace skirts but that one seems a bit strange. It would be better if the red lining went to the hem as at the moment it creates an unflattering horizontal line IMO.

  8. Both of these outfits are lovely and interesting. I love the colors and how her clothing can be modest and fun at the same time. I would definitely try them on to see how they feel before discounting any of the details.

  9. Love the floral dress, but would probably wear it without the orange jacket – although the jacket would be cool with jeans. The lace skirt is pretty but I am not a 'ruffle' blouse person. Might pair it with a different style top.

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