First, Pink….Now, Lace from Chico’s Black Label

I hope everyone is warm and toasty today!  I told you recently for reasons unknown, I suddenly like pink (when I haven’t liked it before).  Now, CHICO’S BLACK LABEL has me liking lace…when I haven’t liked it before!

I ordered this BLACK LABEL LACE KNIT BACK SHIRT recently after loving it on the Chico’s online.

However, I am just getting adjusted to a new, smaller body and I do wish I had gone a size smaller.  These changes will take a little time getting accustomed to. I have ordered the larger sizes for a long, long time.

The BLACK LABEL designs have become my favorites from Chico’s….they feature classic, very chic, creative selections.  This helps brighten a dreary day!
I do not know why I am suddenly liking trends previously hated, but it is fun! Never say never.

I am honestly on alert these days.  My son-in-law is overseas and my daughter is about to deliver grandchild number two.  She has begun the process!  And, I am the stand-in birth coach…so,

If I disappear for a little while…you will know why!

I am linking up with the fabulous bloggers of VISIBLE MONDAY…..MONDAY MINGLE…FASHIONABLY EMPLOYED

And, now time for…..
This week the hostess is Jodell of BLACK CAT PLUS!. She brings gorgeous options for plus-sized fashions!  Enjoy posts from top beauty and fashion bloggers HERE!

May Everyone have a joyful beginning to your week!


  1. Lovely look and hot bag! I came across this label Chico very recently when I was looking to buy some poncho sweaters.. they make good stuff. Hope you had good NY celebration, Pam 🙂

  2. I suspect you are liking new/different things because of your new body shape! I love Chico's Black Label too. Almost as much as the no-iron shirts which I am addicted to!! Best wishes with your impending arrival – and your role in the whole thing! How exciting for you! Karen

  3. Keep us posted of news Pam. You look amazing and it would probably be worth having the Black Label lace blouse taken in. ( I love those collections)

    Featuring "Inner Spaces"

  4. I love that you are coming over to the lace side! Fingers crossed that all is smooth for your daughter's delivery. Baby number two, how exciting! XO, Jill

  5. When I am wearing laces then I always pay attention to a contrast or style mix in order to avoid any frumpy or girly touch – therefore I love the classy combination you are wearing, Pam. It looks great!
    Oh and your bag, I just love that style!

    Annette | Lady of Style

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