I promised to report back when I take steps of courage this year… since that is my word for 2015.
This is a tiny one; yet, a big one for me.  I have never been a dark lip color lady; however, every time a get my makeup done for a special event the makeup artist puts darker colors on me.  So, I decided to take the plunge and start wearing a darker color every day to see what I think about it.
The reviews have been great!  Co-workers and friends seem to think I changed my whole makeup routine when the only thing changed is the lip and they like it!

I started with this BOBBI BROWN LIPSTICK in the color blackberry.  If you purchase at Macy’s right now, it comes with a free gift.

Small steps of courage will lead to bigger ones!  Has anyone else changed up your makeup for a new year.  Visibility is confidence building…take the plunge! Oh yes, I will see you later today when I join the fashionable group from Patti’s Visible Monday! 

Have a beautiful Sunday!

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