For over a year, I have told you about IOMA-PARIS skincare line.  While I love all of the products I use, my absolute favorite is the ANTI-WRINKLE, antioxidant mask!

The results are immediate and amazing reducing fine lines and wrinkles.   This mask soaks into your skin so quickly and is perfect to sleep in…that’s right, I said to sleep in.  Also,  I put it under and around my eyes with excellent results and it is not harsh at all for the eye area. The rich vitamins just make your skin glow because it nourishes so deeply.  It is worth every penny and lasts a long time.  I usually do this twice a week.

You can order it from Saks Fifth Avenue online, HERE….or in one of the six Saks locations found HERE.

In fact, this is a perfect time to drop by one of the six SAKS which have the IOMA sphere at their counter…get a skin evaluation which will blow you away.

My skin is so happy with all of my IOMA-Paris products and I love the comments!  San Antonio, call Amelia at 210-591-3476 and set up an appointment.

Happy Saturday…be warm!

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