Would You Wear It Wednesday: Low Necklines

This look is from the Spring 2015 collection from PORSCHE.  So, ladies, how low will you go?  Would you wear this neckline…either for every day or a special occasion?  We had a great discussion last week on distressed denim, so bring it on…

It’s your day to chime in…WOULD YOU WEAR IT? 

Keep those winter Wednesday smiles on!


  1. Not in a million years! I would be too self-conscious. Beyond that, I'd have to question the message I was trying to send. Women are more than a collection of body parts. If I weighed 90 lbs., I would wear this with a camisole! Karen

  2. There is NO way these 38DD, fallen, 67 year old girls are going to make an appearance in ANYTHING like this! Although, if they were again 27, the LITTLE girls probably would!

  3. I'd never wear something this low. I'd take it if it was closed up a tiny bit more however, because the blouse itself is lovely.

    Also, you know I am going to just keep asking: Baby?

  4. I love those pants.. and the top is cute but I would only wear it with a camisole or something and then that would likely ruin the look of it. And I think If I saw someone wearing this top I would probably stare and wonder who they heck they think they are.. hah hah

  5. susanjmb and I are in the same school of thought. My little girls would have but not these ones. Although the look is fabulous — on me it would be hideous and hilarious

  6. Not quite this plunging or without a good bra! However show off your assets whenever it is appropriate and the occasion allows!

    French Artist Frederique Chemin

  7. I would never wear anything so low cut…. I do not in any way, want to be a stumbling block for others and I believe I am to dress modestly to honor God and my husband…. no one except my husband would see me dressed in anything similar to the picture. I want to honor God with my body and my life…. I want people to see Jesus in my life…not to have them get distracted by what I wear…. or DON'T wear.

  8. OMG I loooove this. I just put together a collage of a trend I do not like at all-the culotte but this has sexy, elegant and feminine written all over. Oh…great choice Pam! Will need to find to put this together. xo Sabina | Oceanblue Style

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