The memories flood back immediately…just how much work it is
when two little ones are in the house. 
The new baby is not even a week old and it has taken three of us to
replace the hands of one daddy, back working overseas.  There literally is no time for anything but
our toddler grandson and his new brother. 
Mommy is still recovering. Toddler brother is overwhelmed with so many changes.
husband spent all day yesterday downtown with the baby and our daughter
navigating a passport so they can travel in a couple of weeks to their new
home.  The passport office workers said
he was the smallest one they had ever accommodated.
Sleeping has, for the most part, stopped…eating my healthy
diet meal plan, stopped…morning exercise, stopped…and wouldn’t you know it…when
things are the craziest, and I feel like I look my worst,  other exciting opportunities show up on the
You will have to come back tomorrow.  For now, I hear a newborn beginning to stir…
If you are a grandmother who helps out regularly with the
kids, I highly respect you…and your energy levels.   Any advice?

Happy Saturday, all ! 

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