You Make Me Feel So Young!

Fashion Illustrator, Beth Briggs, featured me this week on her blog and sent this lovely illustration of me!  She is so talented and kind.  The post can be found HERE.

Since she sent the picture, I have been singing Frank Sinatra’s “You Make Me Feel So Young!”  The illustration for sure took a few years off!  Yes!

Blogging has brought a huge amount of talented, kind and fun ladies into my life!  Thanks Beth!

(For those who asked…still no baby…our whole house is on baby watch!)
Have a fabulous Friday, all!


  1. Your story is an inspiration to all of us Pam! The picture is so fun! And the song…I have been keeping photo albums for my grandson since his birth 16 years ago to showcase our history together. This now young man has kept me young, and in one of his albums I wrote the lyrics to that song – I absolutely love it – and how it reminds me of how he has improved my life! Your post today made me smile! Karen

  2. So cool, Pam! You are inspiring and young! The illustration is so you! A member of my family just welcomed in a new baby a few days ago! Such exciting times for all! Best to all of you! 🙂 Have a great weekend!!

  3. How fabulous! Her illustrative style is so chic. Your fashion style is so chic. Together, it rocks! Hope you find a wonderful place in your home to display this unforgettable memento. (My imagination is running wild…)

  4. Lovely! I haven't been to your fabulous blog for a while. I go in spurts with my blog hopping! I just had the BIGGIE of a birthday. So here I am… sayin' hi! Hope you're enjoying 2015 as much as I am.

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