The Last Bookstore…and One Great Scarf!

My last stop in LA was one of my favorites, THE LAST BOOKSTORE, 20,000 square feet of books, music, art,and vintage decor!

The aroma of pages and paint will lure you in and can hold one captive for hours with so many new and used selections to mull over.

Owner, Josh Spencer, began his establishment in 2005 in just a loft.  The name originated from a belief that bookstores did not have long to live…and they hoped to be the last one standing. Upstairs, near the Science Fiction books, are art studios where artists work and sell their creations.

Josh informed me San Antonio was home for basic training when I told him I was a blogger from Texas.

I am loving this  Nordstrom scarf right now.  I have worn it often over the last week in a variety of ways!

Oh yes…and with My Last Bookstore T-Shirt!

Is anyone else a lover of bookstores…may they never disappear completely!

Hope your week ahead is full of joy! Read on!

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  1. I am one who has resisted the kindle. I go to my local bookstore, even though they have a hard time competing with Amazon. My salvation as a child was the local library and I was always look for the last booksore. And yes, Pam, you look fabulous. Stormy Smith

  2. Love Love Love it! I am adding The Last Bookstore to my list of LA destinations. There is absolutely nothing like a great book store. And – your scarf is beautiful, but I am digging the sneakers the most!

  3. What a lovely place 🙂 It's sad that the smaller bookstores are vanishing. I don't own a kindle as I prefer the feel of a book, but I also can get on board with the paper saving it provides. Such a conundrum.

    The scarf is beautiful.

    Alex – Funky Jungle

  4. Pam, I too, am a book lover. I try to find a local fun or unique bookstore whenever I travel. I've been to The Last Bookstore Standing and totally agree, you are lured in from the first window and can easily spend hours in book paradise. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  5. Such a wonderful post! Thank you for the gorgeous pics of a bookstore treasure. As more and more of what we read becomes digital, I believe that books will transition into more of an art form with beautiful applications of paper and printing. Instead of becoming extinct, they will become elevated into a new category. Let's keep our fingers crossed!

  6. This fabulous bookstore reminds me of Tattered Cover here in Denver. It's been around since the 70's and is an institution. There's nothing like surrounding oneself with books and the atmosphere that bookstores provide.

    Your scarf is lovely and it's the perfect accent to "The Last Bookstore" tee!

  7. I'm like you Pam, i love a good bookstore and could spend hours browsing in there. I got straight to the photography section, then the fashion section (scoping out books on what not to wear 🙂 and then the cookbook section to look at awesome food photography… and then the other knick knack things in there.. oh so much fun!!!

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