When Time Is Short…DO THIS ONE THING!

 I found out I was headed to LA just five days in advance.   It was during the week our second grandson was born and I was helping my daughter adjust to life with a newborn and a toddler.  There was literally NO TIME to prepare myself to be photographed.

I could not call the hairdresser…the nail salon…the spa…there just was no time at all.  So, I made a list of reasonable, important things I could do with my time limitations.  On the top of that list was the word….

I have learned the value of a regular exfoliation routine since crossing past age 50.  My skin glows and wrinkles are less noticeable. 

 I was taught by one of the industry experts,VALORIE ALBERTINI, that when our skin cells are new they look like beautiful grapes…nice and plump and filled with water.  The older the cells become the more they look like the top layer of dry cornflakes… and even raisins!  The obvious is true…the slow natural flaking off of our skin cells results in older looking skin. By exfoliating we not only remove that tired old skin, but also encourage our skin to make fresh skin cells.  

This would be very important for those of you experiencing this difficult Winter of 2015. Severe cold can take its toll on the skin.

ALBERTINI INTERNATIONAL has one of the best options for our shower in ROUGH LOVE BODY SCRUB.  I have paid high prices for these scrubs at spas and this one is just as effective…for much less money.  Your skin is so happy after a shower with a little Rough Love. The product includes ingredients wasabi, Japanese mushroom extracts, and Arctic peat, which work together to remove skin debris and impurities while allowing more hydrated skin from the essential fatty acids in the Arctic cloudberry seed oil to do their job. 

 I know many of you are entering or leaving Menopause which,like the cold, shows no mercy on our skin.  This product will help.  It can be used 1-5 times a week if you like and for the best feeling follow it up with the DIVINE SKIN HYDRATOR (Feels amazing!).  I also used it on my hands for this trip, because I wanted them to be youthful! And my family fights over it…including a college student son!

If your time is short to look your beautiful best for a special event, at least exfoliate to see immediate results.  You will be glad that you did!

Have a fabulous Friday!

Disclaimer:  This is a sponsored post, but the words and opinions are my own!


  1. Pam, along with exfoliating which is so important, is my weekly mask which really keeps my face glowing, The skin on my face is just too thin now for an exfoliating product though I use it on the rest of my body!

    The Arts by Karena

  2. I agree, Pam…I remember reading years ago that Christie Brinkley exfoliated every day…she said that this is what men do by virtue of shaving and there skin ages well…I thought she had something in that, so have done the same myself. I love the picture of you…not only does your skin look fab but your hair…gorgeous, Pam…have a lovely weekend. xx

  3. You are glowing, Pam! Clearly the exfoliating is working for you. Great tip for limited time. It's hard to imagine you had such short lead time for an exciting trip like that. This looks like a wonderful product! I use my Clarisonic everyday and I'm addicted to it.
    Happy weekend!
    xx, Heather

  4. Awww…Congrats on your new grandbaby! Are you glowing from the new grandbaby or from the wonderful exfoliator? {smile}. Gotta check it out!

    That's great that you went to help your daughter. She will be very busy…Brings back memories-My kids are 20 mos. apart. Where does the time go?

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