Bobbi Brown for Spring and Inspiration from a New Anchor

The beauty of spring is blooming and it’s fun to get a little new color and touch ups!  While I was in SAKS FIFTH AVENUE, Bobbi Brown was hosting a special event to introduce new spring colors.

I love and wear BOBBI BROWN makeup and have for about a year.  I love these new eye colors, but also have returned my favorite cream shadow color, Suede, to the lineup.

There are new longer lasting lip shades, and at Saks exclusively, Bobbi Brown has developed some SPECIAL SKINCARE KITS so you can experience the core of her product line.

It just may be worth a call and a visit to see these new fun products.


I loved this outfit one of our local news anchors wore this week.  So I paused the news and took this picture.  A beautiful pencil skirt, blouse and jacket…classy and chic.  URSULA PARI of KSAT just returned from a Polo match in Pakistan…Yes, she plays the sport!  So let her stamina and her style inspire you today!
Have a gorgeous Saturday!!


  1. I love these colors. I've recently gotten braver and have been trying out new shades like a light purple and I was pleasantly surprised. Now, I'm wondering what other colors I've avoided all my life that would be perfect. I've always went for Earth tones but it's time to shake things up a little.

  2. I am a devoted Bobbi Brown skin care and cosmetics user. First, her face oil is incredible. Not greasy, absorbs beautifully and leaves your skin petal soft while diminishing wrinkles. A little goes a long way, so don't let the price scare you. Next, her makeup: pencil eyeliners NEVER dry out, so you will always have a soft pencil to draw the finest line, and the colors are rich… amethyst is a deep, true purple, which is amazing since this is a difficult color to achieve; her lipsticks are rich and creamy, but I really love her lip glosses which are soft and long wearing. I use her easy to apply lip liners for that. Since I destroyed my eyebrows at a young age (meaning, there aren't any), I use Bobbi's eye shadow with an eye shadow brush, in a complimentary color, to create my eyebrows. I rub a little color on the brush and stroke it where my eyebrows should be, in a shape that l like, and it gives me a very natural look. People don't realize I don't have eyebrows. I've come to trust whatever she suggests. Great pick, Pam!

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