Yes…it is hump day!!  Happy Wednesday to everyone and welcome to the latest edition of #wouldyouwearit!!

While I was working last weekend, my company was Meryl Streep on my television screen in the movie for the Baby Boomer audience, It’s Complicated.  In the scene where she confesses to her girlfriends an affair is happening with her ex, she wears a flowing, floral kimono over a knit top and pants.

More and more women of a certain age are showing off their kimonos, so I ask all of you…WOULD YOU WEAR (OR DO YOU WEAR) A KIMONO??  And if you do or would, please describe an occasion where you would wear this garment.  If not, please tell us why you prefer not to wear this garment.

Now, for product kudos….
I continue to be impressed with YOUNIQUE  beauty products.  I recently reviewed the mascara and now I have tested the ….

SHINE EYE MAKEUP REMOVER PADSMOODSTRUCK LIP LINERILLUMINATE CLEAN CREAM.  I like all three products.  This is the first eye remover pads to impress me….so soft.  These product links will take you to Wendy, one of their representatives, who is anxious to answer any and all questions.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

(Note, make sure you enter to win the Foxcroft Blouse, HERE)
(Disclaimer:  I was provided the Younique products to test, but the words are my own)


  1. I loved the movie and I loved the kimono. Long or short they are great with leggings…. very comfy but still a statement! Check out Anthropologie… they have a gorgeous floral piece.

  2. No, I would not wear this. I would feel it made me look heavy. I am not tall, and while I understand that proportions are everything, and there are such things as petite sizes, I'm not able to wear petites well and things like this are too long, so it just doesn't work for me. I'm in between petites and regular sizes so have to be careful. And do a lot of hemming! I prefer things that are closer to my body, except flowy tops for casual wear, I do love those, but not in this length. Karen

  3. If I found a wonderful Kimono I would wear it over slim leggings or pants, with a top in the same color. Most I see are so bright, they would wear me! I'd love to find one. This one would be about perfect. Have a great Wednesday my friend. xo

  4. I have a large collection of caftans and kimonos, some from my mother. She always wore one after Mass on Sunday, as she was preparing our dinner. I love to wear them in the summer when you can get away with almost no undergarments and they make me feel exotic and elegant. I have never wore them to an event, but that may be in the future!

  5. Sign me up for the kimono. I will have to look up who did the costumes for Meryl in that movie, the coloring of that kimono on her is just superb. If you get a chance, my topic this week is on compliments, and how powerful words can be! XO, Jill

  6. I love the kimono on Meryl, but it's not my personal style for out and about. I do have one that I wear for a robe around the house — very cool and comfy.

    How do you like the Younique Mascara? Are you using the fiber fill version?

  7. I just recently bought my first kimono. It's kind of conservative, I'm easing into it, but I think I'm going to like it. Exotic, practical, attractive. Thanks for the post.


    You have a beautiful blog.

  8. I have a couple of kimono style robes that I adore. I finally got brave enough to wear one last season, with leggings, but haven't pulled it out of the closet this season. Perhaps it's a fad for me. Fun pics…love that Meryl Streep!
    xx, Heather

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