#OOTD: An Eileen Fisher Love Story and Fashion Flash!

Believe me…I rarely do this…. spend this much on one piece.  But, as I age, having certain investment pieces in my wardrobe make good sense to me.  I know what I like, so why not make sure it will be around for awhile by buying one of the best.

Especially when I love a garment this much.  Recently, I was scrolling through DILLARDS ONLINE and came upon this EILEEN FISHER BOXY JACKET…birds began to sing, and hearts to float through the air as I gazed upon something I really, really wanted in my closet. 
At first, I thought I would call it a Mother’s Day treat to myself…and then I thought I will call it a “got through another year of teaching” treat…or perhaps, I have lost weight treat…oh, what the heck, I just decided to call it, An I MATTER TREAT!

98% of my clothing purchases are on sale or clearance…. and not full price.  But, I do have about five which I just wanted in the closet and this jacket is one.  I love it.  I plan to wear it on a date with my black leggings!

Have you treated yourself lately with something you really love?  Let us know the details!

Happy Monday, everyone!


Now it is time for Fashion Flash!


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  1. LOVE! I saw this post come up on my feed and thought to myself, she looks fabulous! One of my favourites on you and well-deserved. I treat myself as often as I can and I always end up loving those pieces most. xo

  2. Pam that is a beautiful jacket and I can understand why you had to have it full price and all. I tend to stalk pieces that I really must have and try to nab them on sale also. But everyone now and again, like you, there will be something I just HAVE to have:) Last year I purchased a gorgeous Metalicus (Australian label) draped dress at full price that I KNOW will be a player in my wardrobe for years to come… absolutely worth the expense/investment 🙂

  3. I see your jacket as a true investment piece. I recently paid full price for a dress I know I will wear for years. When you figure cost per wear, it is well worth the price! Karen

  4. Sometimes you just have to go for it! I have splurged lately, but my latest was technological not wearable. I bought a new laptop! Getting ready for summer fashion!

  5. When I do splurge, I usually make it Eileen Fisher. Quality materials last and last and her simple lines don't seem to go out of fashion. Your jacket is excellent case in point.

  6. I'm making my plans for a splurge on a ring and a bag. I agree that buying something you know you're going to feel good in forever, is not really a splurge. The jacket is beautiful and it looks great on you. Good jackets are good investments. Enjoy.


  7. I've treated myself to a new clutch bag recently. It wasn't very expensive mind, but I too paid full price and most of all it was one of those very rare cases where I didn't think twice about it.

    That jacket looks great on you, and I think some pieces are definitely worth investing on.

    Alex – Funky Jungle

  8. As you know, I am a frugal fashionista, but once a year I do like to splurge. This is a great jacket and would be a perfect compliment to a pair of leggings, a pencil skirt or a sheath dress.

  9. I firmly believe in buying quality. If it happens to be on sale… great. If not, and I know I will wear if for the long haul, I have no problem splurging. Bought a beautiful black cashmere full length coat that I have worn for 10 years. Its still going strong. Last winter I splurged and bought a Canada Goose full length down coat. I was told it was the warmed coat available. I bought it for a pricey $850.00 and guess what… all the reviews were RIGHT. Even in New York City in the middle of a noreaster I was buttoned up, warm, dry and happy. It was worth every penny!!!! You deserve a splurge Pam.

  10. And what a special treat it was. You don't need us to say you deserve it. You know you do. I'm mesmerized by your necklace.

    What have I treated myself too? Hmm. Well I guess I always try to treat myself. But if you're speaking about clothing. I'll have to say my Rancher hat shown on the blog recently and the Chambray Swing shirt. Both from Anthropologie and neither on sale.

  11. I agree Pam, we shouldn't have to justify why we may treat ourselves. I think you made a beautiful choice in the Eileen Fisher piece – you will have that for years and years and it is so versatile. Years ago I invested in a few Nanette Lepore pieces and I have never looked back. They are the pieces that I wear when I don't know what to wear. They have never let me down and they still look like new.
    Thank you for linking up with SHOE and TELL on Style Nudge!


  12. This piece is definitely money well spent – because it looks amazing on you! Everything I buy these days is on sale or thrifted – but I totally agree about investment pieces. Maybe once we have the boys through college I'll buy some. Have a great week!

  13. This is indeed a quality piece that will last you forever and will always look good. Well done. Very versatile too. Again you excel yourself with the necklace.
    PS, when you link to a site, it is handy to tick the box "open in another window". In order to keep your readers on your blog and not let them go astray.

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