Video Blog: Why My Aching Back Isn’t Aching Any Longer!

Happy Saturday, friends!  Earlier in the week, I told you I was moving videos to Saturday!  So here we go.  Since I did not begin working out until age 60…I have had to learn much quickly…mostly by making mistakes! Here are some of my pointers!  Plus some important words about Osteoporosis.

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Hope your weekend is full of joy!


  1. Another great video! I have got to get myself back on the execise bandwagon. I can't even say why I stopped, but the older I get the harder it is to motivate myself! I know joining a gym does.t work because I pay but don't go. I think I will try stretching, as you suggest, and see if that gets me started. Happy Weekend! xo

  2. In those two years, I have had times I was not consistent and paid dearly for it when I wasn't. I am still a work in progress but trying to stay true to it. You are smart to at least start with stretches and hoping it would move past that. You have weekend as well…and thanks for all of the support, Jennifer!

  3. Thanks for another fun video Pam! I've worked out most of my life . . . until the last year or so! I've become rather hit or miss. It's time for me to get back in the swing of things, not only for the 'look', but the long term health benefits. Nothing can keep you young like swing around a bunch of weight!

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