I have found myself lately desiring to carry smaller clutches to events.  For some reason I was never into this before now…but I love my clutches and all last weekend, I carried this ROBERT MATTHEW SOFIA CLUTCH… a soft leather purse with lots of pockets for anything important we need.  Made of real saffiano leather, this clutch is stylish and functional…I put my business cards in the front zippered pocket, so they are easy to get when needed!  I own two ROBERT MATTHEW HANDBAGS and I receive compliments whenever I take them out!

These are the cutest bath toys I have seen in a long time and cannot wait to ship them to my grandsons!  You just feed the animal your soap of choice and bathe away!

SOAPSOX are precious…high quality…and I think will make me a hero!  They will be on their way overseas soon!  So cute!

Finally, this stylish Grandma needs to use the EPI SLIM for unwanted hair..small, easy, affordable, and does not hurt!  

The new ultra-portable and ultra-affordable Emjoi
Epi Slim+ e18 battery-operated epilator does everything that its larger Emjoi
siblings do—removing unwanted hair from the body and face, while doing so with
the absolute minimum of discomfort—but in a smaller, lighter package and at an
extremely affordable price. The Epi Slim+ e18 is available online at EMJOI
  which times
it well to Spring and summer 2015 needs. 

I am so glad to help you stay informed of what is on the market so we stay stylish and fun!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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