Project Runway Designers’ Show…Plus a Ferrari or Two!

Most of my friends know I am a huge Project Runway fan.  So, when FERRARI OF SAN ANTONIO sponsored a FASHION SOUTH GLOBAL at the fabulous EILAN HOTEL RESORT AND SPA….I just had to be there.

I visited with the four talented past PROJECT RUNWAY designer-stars two days before the show.  (L-R) SAMANTHA PLASENCIA of San Antonio, MICHAEL DRUMMOND, me, MICHELLE LESNIAK (Season 11 Winner), and JOSHUA CHRISTENSEN.  I love the artistic, innovative designs which come from designers on the show and these guys did not disappoint.  Now, in the pictures below you will see a man at the right watching the show in a large black hat.  He is another Project Runway designer-star, Anthony Ryan, and he has opened a women’s boutique right here in San Antonio called ANT HILL.  I plan to check it out soon.  Here are a few of the highlights from the show:

I have said before, going to shows like this are for me the same as an art museum.  I just love the creativity.  So, who did you like the best of the four?
Very sweet people and so humbled to be in the fashion world with new opportunities and associations the show has provided. “Actually,” Michelle Lesniak told me. “The best part are the friendships.  I know we appear to fight a lot, but that is the fatigue and pressure talking.  We are actually all best friends!” To see complete coverage from last week, check out STYLE LUSH TV…Burgundy Woods and her team do a great job!

Who was Pam wearing?  A jacket purchased four years back from Stein Mart!  I still really like it though and think it’s fun…I would not mind wearing that Ferrari at the top though…something from one of these excellent designers!


Have a wonderful week!

Time for Fashion Flash!!

This week hosted by the wonderful Jodell at BLACK CAT PLUS FASHION FLASH POSTS

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  1. Oh wow what an amazing event! I am sure you had lots of fun and you look amazingly and very trendy in your outfit! Just fabulous!! Hugs xxx

  2. You look fabulous, and I love the way you cover the SA fashion scene, Pam! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, xo.

  3. What a wonderful and fun experience. I've never been to a project runway show but would love every minute of being there. How to pick a favorite? That's quite impossible, like you said, the creativity is in every piece. Pam, you look absolutely stunning as fit right in with these four.

  4. Ahh…how fun!! This looks so good and you are beaming with excitement, that is the best!! Am glad you got to go and enjoy yourself, so good 🙂 Have a wonderful week xx

  5. Sorry Pam, for me, the best outfit featured on this particular post was yours. I'm sure the event was a lot of fun, and I watch Project Runway religiously, but…….really!

  6. Thanks, Patti. SA is really becoming a fashion city! There are so many fun stories to tell and I do not get around to many of them…but will always try. Thanks for the link up…will miss it over the summer, but enjoy your time.

  7. I might not wear what they sent down the runway, but it wasn't targeted for me either. I just love to see their inspiration, artistry and creativity. It does help me to be more creative with what I have at home. Thanks Cleo!

  8. Last week was a bit surreal….Fern Mallis and Project Runway designers just don't happen around here in one week. It was fun! Thanks Carla.

  9. Not all the fun, Rena! But between this and interviewing Fern Mallis, I did have a great week last week! I am sure there is more fun to be had…and I hope to find it!

  10. It looks like such an amazing event!! I love your jacket. You're quite the star these days!! Looking happy and gorgeous!! Go Pam go. Onward and upward!!

  11. So glad I stopped by! I have never been to a fashion runway show, but it looks like a lot of fun and I am sure it inspired you! I really like those windowpane patterned pants the one guy model is wearing!


  12. The maxi dress by Joshua is right up my alley. I just love events like this. Fashion, oh how I love thee. Looks like a great time and I'm glad you were able to experience it.

  13. You looked as if you owned the Ferrari. Gorgeous jacket. Very fit for such a creative show.
    I like the skirts by Michelle Lesniak best. But wouldn't mind one of those black and white sweaters by Samantha Plasencia.

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