Fall Fashion and July Sales

I have told you before…this is an exciting time of year…because some of the best shopping can be done at the lowest prices.  In July clearance, you can often discover fun treasurers from this past winter, as well as, current summer clearance.

It is also when many begin to look ahead at Fall Fashion. Now, I realize that is confusing to some of you.  Why think fall clothes when we are sweating through heat?

You can even find some pre-fall items beginning to hit the shelves.  This is just how the industry works.

I love it!  Fall is my favorite fashion season and I really get excited to see what will be in stores.

That is why I am introducing my FALL FASHION 2015 PINTEREST BOARD today….just to get you thinking, planning and dreaming!

Check out your favorite retailers…there many be big savings going on.

Then have a great Friday!

Make sure you enter to win HERE the $50 Visa Card and the movie WOMAN IN GOLD.

You can still sign up to receive a box of the innovative new product, Finess, HERE (you also might have a friend or family member who needs this…take advantage of the free offer)

The fashions are a Michael Kors fashion show produced by Dillards.


  1. I love this time of year when the Fall fashions start to come in. I'm always inspired and find some of my best buys (for our climate) in the "pre-fall" collections.

  2. Pam, though it will be in the 90's all weekend and the week ahead….I love to see the fall fashions start coming out!! It IS my favorite season for fashion!

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