NYDJ: Slimming Jeans with Reliable Fit

You know them…the clothing decisions that make a woman sweat
no matter her age or size. 
Swimsuits…wedding attire…and denim are at the top of the list.  After I started this blog in 2010, I quickly
learned many women of a certain age rely on NYDJ jeans as a line they can trust
for great-fitting jeans for women.
NYDJ looks good on all body types and goes beyond slimming to
just feeling fabulous when you slip a pair on.  Their “Original Slimming Fit” incorporates
slimming technology into all their pants and jeans.  They are also known for their Lift and Tuck
Technology, which flattens the tummy and gives a boost to the booty!
I love the variety, color selection, and size selection, which
includes petite jeans, plus size jeans, and tall jeans for women. The
collection of cuts is also perfect for building a well-rounded denim wardrobe,
and includes 2 of my favorites, wide leg jeans and skinny jeans.  Since I began working retail, I understand
better now the importance of offering this size variety.   It helps to build confidence and brand loyalty
with those who need a special fit.  I
currently work part time at Soft Surroundings, a retailer proud to offer NYDJ.
I am still (and always will be) a fan of dark trouser jeans.  I think it is a staple every woman should
have in her wardrobe and currently, many work environments will allow the
professional look of a dark trouser jean. 
Add a white blouse, and a great fit in a suit jacket, and you cannot go
wrong with this style at work.  Also,
remember, white denim is now a must have in your closet for all year long…yes,
forget those staid rules about white and wear it proudly after Labor Day…très chic.

I had to try them on for myself in order to understand what others were
raving about….but, I concur completely…NYDJ are excellent and can be trusted to
fit any woman and help her to feel her best.

Give a pair a try and let me know what you think!

Have a Happy Wednesday!

Disclaimer:  I received compensation for this post, but the words are my own.


  1. I have several pairs of NYDJ and do like how they fit. I don't think they do quite as much as they say about making you look a size smaller, but they do fit well. I was hoping for much more I think. I agree with you that it is important to have the dark denim. It is much more slimming and looks more polished. Easier to dress them up with the dark wash.

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