There are so many sounds which say summer to me…crickets chirping, birds singing, rushing water, the ice cream truck music…

I thought of sounds of summer this past week as I walked into the outdoor mall where I currently work a part time retail sales job.  The screams of people on the roller coasters next door rode the wind to my ears from SIX FLAGS/FIESTA TEXAS PARK.  It was a familiar sound.

The screams took me back to the summer after my freshman year in college when I worked at Astro World in Houston, which no longer exists…it was located by the Astrodome, also no longer exists.  Every day I listened to the screams of the terrified on roller coasters.  So much a part of my every day, that sometimes I was not even aware of the noise.

So, I have come full circle. Back to working near a theme park…back to working more than one job to make ends meet…still feeling youthful and having fun.  Not too much has changed.

Except maybe, I dress better!!
What sounds say summer to you?
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Then have a joyous Monday!


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