Lindi Skincare: Products for Summer, Aging, Chemo and More

It’s the morning after the biggest summer holiday.  Some of you may have over done the party part…some of you may have been in the sun too long…and some may be seriously dehydrated. Your face may look like this outdoor rocker…weathered by the sun. No matter how your skin may be compromised this summer, there is a refreshing solution.

LINDI SKINCARE products have really impressed me.  I began using the samples about a month ago and the eye cream and face serum are keepers!  They are refreshing, hydrating, and tightening in the just the right places.  I love the consistency of the product….very refreshing.

This line was developed by cancer survivor, Lindy Snider, specifically for skin undergoing difficult circumstances. And through research at Northwestern University in 2010, the products have been proven to work.

I love the way they feel…the aroma…and they seem to work beautifully.  This is another great line which deserves your consideration. I was sent the products from the anti-aging line, but there is a line for those undergoing CHEMO and RADIATION treatments. 

Have a wonderful Sunday, all!

Disclaimer:  I was provided product in order to test it for myself….and the words are my own.


  1. I stayed out of the sun yesterday Pam; however my skin can still use all of the help possible with so many younger years of sun worship!! I hope you are enjoying this holiday weekend!

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