Thank You for Five Wonderful Years!

On July 1, 2010, I began over50feeling40!  For five years, I have sat at my desk looking out this French door and writing for women in midlife and beyond.  It has exceeded all of my expectations, because of you.  Thank you so much for reading, following, commenting, supporting, encouraging me and others by showing up here on a regular basis.  I have made so many new friendships and been able to do what I love best…to write and hopefully inspire women to live the second half of life with joy!

I do not know where we are headed, but hopefully, there are five more years of fun before us.  

You do not understand how deep my gratitude is for you.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for five incredible years.

Happy July 4th, everyone!


  1. Congratulations, Pam! You certainly have accomplished your goal…you definitely inspire! I'm looking forward to reading for another five, ten, plus, plus years! Angela Muller

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