Victoria Jackson Makeup: A Dab of Confidence Goes A Long Way

“When women embrace self-confidence, they learn the key to success, and liking who they are in the mirror is a powerful first step in that transformative process.”  – Victoria Jackson
Victoria Jackson is one of us…a strong, vibrant, midlife woman working to help the rest of us achieve confidence with healthy, beautiful cosmetics.

She is also an entrepreneur, infomercial pioneer, best-selling author and philanthropist, known for creating the “No Makeup, Makeup” designed to enhance our natural beauty beginning with just a dab of FLAWLESS FOUNDATION DUO.  Listen to Victoria describe the FOUNDATION DUO:

And I agree…it is a great product…not greasy, not heavy, and it just takes a little bit to cover.  My kind of makeup!

You might also look HERE for the Flawless combo recommended by Victoria.  She adds the primer and highlighter to get a beautiful look.

Just for you…the readers of over50feeling40…Victoria is offering a special discount until August 14.  Just type in the code FEELIN40LOVE for 25% off your first order…that’s a pretty big discount!!

I will introduce you to more product later…like the amazing SURVIVAL KIT!  But, I do encourage you to spend some time on her website!

Happy Friday, all! (Don’t forget the discount when you order!)

Disclaimer:  I was compensated and provided product for this post, but the words are my own.


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