We sell this product at SOFT SURROUNDINGS and all of my co-workers said, “You have to try this…it is amazing.”  I bought a box about three weeks ago and let it sit in my bathroom…until this past weekend.
A callous on the bottom of my foot was so painful, I decided to pull out the Baby Foot.  They are right…it is amazing…the perfect exfoliate for our feet. 
The product works through enclosed booties with all of the ingredients inside, and these should be worn for one hour. Then, eventually all of the dead skin goes away. For some people it is immediate, for others it takes a few days to lose it all…but you do lose it all!   Finally, happy feet!  Which means I can be as active as I like.

You can find it at SOFT SURROUNDINGS or HERE ON AMAZON.  The company did not pay me or contact me in any way…this is a great product we all need to know about… unsolicited review!  Buy one for your significant other as well!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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