Michael Kors Black Trench…My Silver Lining!

I realize I am a bit of a Pollyanna…but looking for the silver lining in situations keeps a smile on my face! 

 Sure, it has been flooding…but, we need the rain on our drought-stricken yards. 

Sure, it is hard to look good in the rain, but I can wear my new MICHAEL KORS TRENCH I got at Nordstrom this past summer.  It is not traditional camel, but I really like the black and the fit!

Sure, there are puddles everywhere, but I am looking good in these Calvin Klein booties I found this summer at CLOTHES MENTOR, one of our consignment shops…and I practically traded clothes for them.

Sure, I have a ton of work to do this week. but I just heard GILMORE GIIRLS is returning with sequels on NETFLIX!  See there is always a rainbow somewhere!!

Hope you have a great week and stay warm and dry!
Now, do you prefer your trench in camel or black…or even another color?

See Michael Kors Trench coats HERE


Now, it is time for
Deb at the Nononsense Beauty Blog hosts some great reading HERE

Enjoy the beginning to your week!


  1. I had to laugh at your "Pollyanna" comment. I have been criticized many times for this, but it gets me through life with enjoyment and humor, so I don't see what's wrong with it. As for a classic trench, I'll take one in every color please.

  2. I love a black trench. And I love yours. My Michael Kors black trench has lovely silver zippers and just enough bling as a result. And a hood like yours… which makes it nice not to have to wrestle with an umbrella.

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