Sights and Scents of the Holidays…Bring it On!

They’re already wrapping trees with Christmas lights at the
mall.  Normally, this would annoy me
terribly and I would be one of those voices shouting “Wait until after
Halloween, would you?”  But, as I age,
the twinkling lights appearing just at dusk are welcomed joy.  The crisp air, the decorations, music, sights
and smells add spice to life and break up the hum-drum monotony of our every day.

I even purchased early these little gifts to tell people I care about
them around the holidays.  Have you
experienced the Nest scents?  Their DIFFUSERS, CANDLES, ROOM SPRAYS are all amazing…and this holiday scent
just smells like the season.  My husband loves the Nest diffusers…they last a long time and just continue to give the right amount of scents.  These are also great hostess gifts for holiday parties and meals.

The NEST HOLIDAY VOTIVE is a perfect way to tell your stylist, nail technician, trainer, teacher, etc….you love them! SOFT SURROUNDINGS is a wonderful go-to gift place for gifts to make any woman smile!
Also, holiday movie’s on Hallmark start this weekend…and the rain is coming back…and the time is changing…I like it….  

Have a wonderful Wednesday! 

San Antonio, look for these items at Soft Surroundings in The Shops of La Cantera!  Maybe I will see you there!


  1. I refuse to start watching the holiday movies – too soon for that! But I'll have to try the defusers after thanksgiving. I love filling my home with holiday scents.

  2. Those votives are cute! I work retail, so the holidays can be dreary, but I am committing to look forward to decorating my home for Christmas this year!

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