JJill November Collection: Perfect for the Midlife Woman

In Stacy
London’s excellent book, THE TRUTH ABOUT STYLE, she tackles women who have specific styling challenges.  One beautiful over
50 woman felt like her age and body type was limiting her choices so much so, she
just could not find clothes anywhere to purchase.

countered with “nine times out of ten this means they don’t know where to look.”  I also believe it means they don’t know how
to shop or what they are trying to accomplish with their clothes.   In true Stacy fashion, she counsels to stop “being
mad about aging.  There’s no point.”  Wear your years proudly.

She is so
right!  When we let go of anger over age
or weight or height, and decide to look our best with what we have right now
and where we are right now, then we see there are many places to shop!!  The clothes are there, ladies.  We only have to decide what messages we want
to send with what we wear.  Also, it does
take time to get out and try things on. 
You have to seek your favorite retailers as treasure and know where the
clothes are which fit you best.

One of my
favorite places is JJILL.  I am wearing
selections from the CURRENT COLLECTION and they are perfect for my lifestyle.  I am so into their PONTE KNIT PENCIL SKIRTS with the JJILL MICROFIBER TIGHTS; and love the GRAY ASHLEY TUNIC SWEATER…plus THIS BLUE BERKSHIRES COAT is gorgeous. The
Compassion Scarf is such a perfect gift for the holidays for you or someone on
your list.  J. Jill’s Compassion Fund Scarf,is beautifully designed with floral details that complement the collection’s color palette and continues to benefit women in need with 50% of proceeds donated to local organizations nationwide to help homeless and disadvantaged women regain their self sufficiency. It also is a great gift for the holiday’s that gives back!

Add JJILL to the list of retailers to visit while you seek your personal, I-Feel-Great-About-Me-Style!

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Have a fabulous Thursday!! 


Disclaimer:  JJill provided clothing for this post, but the words are my own!


  1. I am a fan of JILL too! I have the Ponte pencil skirts for work &love the Wearever collections & have many pieces. Always find things I love in that store!! Great boots (yours!)

  2. I love JJill! The black pencil skirt is a wardrobe essential and will be a staple FOREVER! Purchases like that are so sensible and easy to make. The blue coat is a wonderful color pop and great accent for the season. Thanks Pam!
    Kimberly XO

  3. Wanted to thank you for suggesting J. Jill – I had never purchased from them and did so because of your article. I purchased a Pure Jill Angled Hem top, ankle leggings and the compassion fund scarf. Love everything! The leggings are so comfortable and the top is perfect with them. The scarf goes with so many things in my wardrobe. It is wonderful that they have 'tall' sizing – this is a problem at brick and mortar stores. Thanks so much!

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