SA Fundraiser for Texas Burn Survivor Society Wednesday!

I am taking a moment on the blog today to appeal to San Antonio citizens to help make a difference for burn victims and their families.  All you have to do is eat at one of these CHICK-fil-A locations for dinner tonight and tell the cashiers you want to help the TEXAS BURN SURVIVOR SOCIETY:

1)      10634 Potranco Road San Antonio, TX  78251
2)      18310 Blanco Road San Antonio TX 78258
3)      18203 W Interstate 10 (at the Rim) San Antonio TX 78257

When residents tell cashiers while paying for their meal that they want to benefit the TEXAS BURN SURVIVOR SOCIETY, then up to 20% of the proceeds from the night will be donated to this charity.  TBSS is located at 8531 N. New Braunfels, Suite102 San Antonio, TX 78217.

This is a collaboration with Chick-fil-A and a group of students in the Graduate Program at UTSA called The Recovery Rangers.   Holiday/Winter season is a time of increased fires and the needs of the TBSS are great.

Be safe this year…pay attention to Christmas lights, candles, and heaters…and eat at these restaurants during the designated times to make a difference for the victims.

Thanks goes to the students and CHICK-fil-A.
Have a wonderful Wednesday All!

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