2016…Boldness, Perseverance, and Wisdom

I celebrate with great apprehension.  2015 was an amazing year for me…noteworthy in
so many ways…Can’t imagine it could get better, but hopefully 2016 holds more…

I began the year HERE with a declaration of COURAGE, and
opportunities to step out in courage began immediately.  Just three weeks from the official resolve to
be more courageous, I was asked to fly to LA and be part of a national campaign
for Walmart and Depend.  It was a surreal
experience.  You might ask why did it
require courage?  Well, I confess I am
not the best person to have next to you on a plane…not a fan of flying.  Also, it does take some courage to go public
with a struggle like incontinence.   But,
I would not have missed this for the world.

Next, I flew into Nashville just after one of the worst ice
storms to hit the state; and, again, I would face one of my most significant
experiences as an attendee and speaker at the first Bloggers of Midlife
Conference (BAM).  I learned skills there
and made relationships which would take my blogging to another level. 

As I entered spring, I fully believed I would teach high
school journalism for another year (that would have been my 19th
year in private education)…but certain wording in a new contract made the
decision for me.  It was time to have
courage and do something new.  The voices
in my head kept saying…You are in your
sixties…Time is up…you must have a guaranteed paycheck…no
one will take you seriously…However, my
husband gave me the determination to be courageous when he read the contract
and said, “You can’t sign this.  If not
now, (to see if you can make self-employment work), then never…now is the time.”

In June, I walked into a new world.  A world where the paycheck does not come on
the first and the fifteenth…where my husband’s paycheck is now less since I had
to be added to his insurance…where I never really know what is around the
bend.  But, I will say, since I began,
there have been new brands to work with on a regular basis…a new business
relationship with a wonderful blogger has come my way…I had an incredible
client to work with as a marketing consultant for three months…I have joined
the staff of a successful local magazine publisher… wrote for the Huffington Post..ventured into Pinterest and touched upon video, attempted Blab, was active with the San Antonio Fashion Society, interviewed some amazing people, and continued to extol I MATTER and, so far…knock on that
wood…the bills have been paid!  I was MC for a Goodwill Fashion Show and MC for an online talk with a female OB/GYN about incontinence…kind of a strange theme going here!  I was a speaker for our local Newcomer’s Group.
(last pic I am interviewing the legendary Fern Mallis, Creator of New York Fashion Week!)

If you are a fan of Gilmore Girls, you will understand when
I say that I am KURT.  The guy who shows
up in town in a variety of places with a different job every episode.  What will the writers write for me today?

Those are the highlights…of course, the year had its challenges and downs as well as ups. 
Leaving co-workers and students at my school was not easy and there was
a grief period.   But, all in all, I did
begin again and I have been able to light a fire under my desire to write more
and to work in publishing and marketing. 
It just took courage, determination and diligence.

So, I face 2016 with this in mind:

 I must
resolve to be BOLD and step out into new opportunities when they arrive.
Courage is important, but boldness takes more…a combination of courage, confidence and determination.
I must resolve to PERSEVERE.  Unfortunately, I will begin this new year,
next week with surgery which is followed by a 7-10 day recovery period.  I cannot allow the costs or the recovery to
discourage me. Also, the age discrimination-thing in the marketplace is real.  I just choose to bulldoze my way around it and not get discouraged. But Press On…

I must resolve to be WISE.  While I said yes to many opportunities last
year, I said no, more often.  I must
continue to be wise for the sake of my own brand and for the sake of my family
finances.  I cannot ask too much of my
husband when we still need my income. That means moment to moment wise contemplation of what I am doing.

Do I still believe I can do this?  Face something new each day and bring in
income?  You bet…I resolve to be FIERCE,
that for all of you! 
I saw this sign in a store recently and it fits me perfectly…should have bought it…but a picture works just as well!

Happy 2016!  Here We Go!


  1. Happy New Year! I enjoyed reading about your past year's adventures and your successes. (I should borrow some of your words for 2016 myself.) Hoping 2016 holds more for you!
    Mary Lou

    1. Shelley, I am so sorry to hear that last year was difficult…but you are such an amazing, diligent, creative woman that I am certain 2016 will be better and hopefully full of joy. You are an encouragement to so many…never forget that!

  2. Pam you have been such an inspiration to me over the last 12 months and it's been really good fun watching you blossom in fulfilling your dream. 2016 will certainly have its challenges but I think you are well and truly ready to tackle them head on (and I'll be cheering in the sidelines!)

  3. My dear I salute you. Reading this post, it makes me realize how brave you are. How much more brave than I am. You venture into such amazing projects. You have so many new experiences. That is what I call living ! You deserve a medal. I think you are an example to all of us.

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