Meet LNBF: Eco-Friendly Style

I come from the land of mostly sun and thick air…soft, cool fabrics are a must…most of the year.  That is why this new line from Canada, LNBF, caught my attention.  Because they use predominately bamboo to fashion their clothing. They are a small Canadian fashion label which marries style and sustainablity.  “We combine eco-friendly bamboo and organic cotton fabrics with comfort and versatility – especially designed for busy women over 40. Our goal is to inspire future generations (our kids, and our grandchildren) to create a more sustainable world – starting with the clothes we wear.”

On Monday, I told you how much I love my bamboo sheets…they are so soft; and cooler in the heat, warmer in the cold.  These clothes from LNBF have the same feel to them…and beautiful design.

This COCOON JACKET has a touch of edge with the studs, but an excellent fit and feel for my wardrobe.

Here are some important FACTS ABOUT LBNF:

* They work with Oeko-Tex certified suppliers to ensure no harmful substances are used in the textiles.
*Bamboo crops are certified organic by the OCIA
*Bamboo yields 10X more material per acre than conventional cotton (taking up less precious agricultural farm land)
*Bamboo does not need irrigation, uses 2/3 less water than conventional cotton to grow (another precious resource)
*Their mills used a ‘closed-loop’ process, so any solvents used in the manufacturing process are reused and not released into the environment
*Our bamboo viscose is ultra-soft, thermo-regulating and breathable – perfect for people with eczema, sensitive or dry skin…OR PRONE TO HOT FLASHES

This is a line you should check out if you want to give bamboo a try! 

Now for exciting news…While I was getting accustomed to self-employment I took a hiatus from co-hostessing with Katie on her Favorite Things Blog Hop!  Next week I will officially return as a co-hostess and I am very excited to join the team yet again.  For today, I am linking up with this fun hop, HERE


Have a joyful day!

Disclaimer:  I was provided this garment, but the words and opinions are my own. 


  1. Pam I am definitely going to try out bamboo fabrics after seeing these last couple of posts you have written. Love the jacket in sapphire blue!!

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  2. Thanks Pam, for featuring an eco-friendly, Canadian company – and one that actually has some cool clothes! Some of the beautiful things you feature are not available (at least easily or inexpensively with the current exchange rate) to us here in Canada, so this was a real treat!

  3. This outfit is stunning Pam! Love the necklace with the sweater. And the studs on the sweater take it to another level. Just fabulous! The color is also so flattering.

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